Life Enriching Freedom

Spirit Camp starts June 26th
Osceola, Iowa

Overview of the schedule this year!

JUN 26 to JUL 2 – Fellowshipping Together in Freedom
JUL 3 to JUL 4 – Celebration + Fireside Regrouping
JUL 5 to JUL 11 – Opportunities of Liberation
JUL 12 to JUL 13 – Wayshowers Guide Training
JUL 14 to JUL 16 – Relationships & Contract Profile Series
JUL 17 to JUL 22 – Professional Profile Training

WEEK 1: Sat June 26 to Fri July 2
Fellowshipping Together in Freedom

Personal Development Track:

***SAT June 26 1-6pm & SUN June 27 9am-5pm: A New Tradition: Finding Patterns of Personal Freedom Course 3021 – $70
Discover some of the unconscious ways you limit yourself and experience how it feels to be really free, relaxed and alert. Prerequisites – 1001 Orientation Profile.
***MON June 28 9am-3pm: The Healing Charisma of Women Course 8756 – $140
Learn to see every person as a soul & feel more secure with your ability to communicate your love and concern to others. No Prerequisites.
***TUE June 29 9am-3pm: Authority, Love and the Father Figure Course 8757 – $140
Begin to use your inner authority to create a tremendous reservoir of self respect. Prerequisites – 1001 Orientation Profile.
***WED June 30 0am-5pm: Unfolding Your Christ Consciousness Techniques Course 641 – $80
Experience and feel secure sharing the following Techniques: After image, Aura Vision, Clear Channel, Energy Elevator, Facial Encounter, Healing all four churches, Intuitive Impressions, Object encounter, Security Circle, Shoulder Encounter, Spiritual Cleansing and Spiritual Cleansing of Environment. No Prerequisites.

Peace Community Church Seminary Training:

***MON June 28 6am-Noon: Ceremonies & Procedures of PCC Course 622 and 622A, B, or C – $80 ea.
Become secure in overseeing ceremonies and procedures of PCC. 622 will be offered in morning session (prerequisite: PCC affiliation in good
standing) and Offering will be based on # of per-registrations, please contact the office to express interest in 622A, B, or C (prerequisites – 622).
***TUE June 29 6am-6pm: How to Present the PCC Lecture Course 600 – $80 First time or $50 Refreshing
Learn how to successfully present the PCC Lecture. No prerequisites.
***WED June 30 9am-4pm: How to Present the Circle of Love Fellowship Course 600A – $80 First time or $50 Refreshing
Experience the PCC energy as you are trained to present this 4 hour program. Prerequisite – To have experience a Circle of Love Fellowship.
***THU July 1 9am-4pm: The Healing Vibration of the Fellowship Coordinator Course 600B – $80 First time or $50 Refreshing
Feel the love and security you are, knowing you are a source to help people strengthen themselves. No prerequisites.
***FRI July 2 9am-4pm: Unfolding Your Crystal Clear Vibration Techniques – Course 642 – $80 First time or $50 Refreshing
Feel secure with presenting the following Techniques: Energy Exchange, Healing Circle, Image Identification, Love Feast, Passover, Seventh Heaven and Three Trees. prerequisite – taken 641 or experience the group work.

Trance Training:

***JUL 1 6am-10pm & JUL 2 6am-5pm: Trance Healing: A Deeper Communication Course 764A – $390 First Time or $190 Refreshing
Find new keys to understanding evolution and reincarnation.
Prerequisites: To experience the 1002B, taken 700, 701A, B, C, 714 & 760 or experience the 1002B and taken the 700, 744, 727. All first timers need to be cleared by the President

***JUL 6 6am-10pm & JUL 7 6am-5pm: Experiencing the Spiritual Mysticism of Trance Healing Course 764B – $430 First Time or $230 Refreshing
Learn to bring your own life into balance so that you will not attract outside influences
Prerequisites: Taken the 764A course and have experience 3 1002B profiles

***JUL 9 6am-10pm & JUL 10 6am-5pm: The Occult World of Trance and Mediumship Course 764C – $450 First Time or $230 Refreshing
Experience the third level of the trance healing program and reach a deeper level of spiritual cleansing,
healing and self-awareness.
Prerequisites: Taken the 764B course and have experience 3 1002B profiles


Week 2: Sat July 5, 2020 to Sun July 11, 2020
Opportunities of Liberation: Release – Space – Sovereignty

***MON July 5 9-3:30pm: The Power of Personal Direction Course 4451 – $250
Move from a strong pivot point when making decisions about your personal direction. Whats me and what is not me. Prerequisites – 1001 Orientation Profile.
***TUE July 6 9am-4pm & WED July 7 9am-4pm: Your Prophetic Astro-Gift Experience: Overconcern/Freedom – Submission/Equality Course 705C – $165
By taking a good look at the different aspects of your prophetic part, you will learn to utilize the positive aspects and avoid the pitfalls. Prerequisites – 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile.
***THU July 8 9am-5:30pmCommunication with the Past, Present, and Future Course 729B – $150
Learn specific thoughts and ideas that can through you into the past or future and affect your chakra centers, as well as attract outside influence.. Prerequisites – 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile.
***FRI July 9 9am-3:30pm & SAT July 10 9am-3:30pmPsychic Wisdom and Energy Course 706 – $110
You will see how you can reach any goal you desire. Gain insights in how to use your sensitivity more effectively.Prerequisites – 1003A Chakra Profile.
***SUN July 11 9am-9pm: The Psychic Nature of Dreams Course 724 – $110
Experience communicating with your guidance through dreams. No prerequisites.


WEEK 2: July 5 to July 9
Inner Peace Movement Training

***MON July 5 9am-6pm: Psychic Fair Training Course 540 – $150
Involvement designed to help you refine your sensitivity and have a solid foundation for managing Psychic Fairs and being a sensitive during a psychic fair. Prerequisite – 1001 Orientation Profile.
***WED July 7 9am-4pmHow to Present the Connecting with Inner Guidance Workshop Course 570 – $150 First time or $75 Refreshing
Learn to professionally present the Connecting with Inner Guidance Workshop in your community. Prerequisite – Taken Lecture training, 2nd step training and be certified to administer the Orientation Profile 1001.
***THU July 8 9am-5pm: Foundations of Spiritual Energy Techniques Course 521 – $80
Experience in depth techniques used in group work and help others expand their outlook on life. Prerequisites – to have experience 1002A Blockage Discover Profile.
***FRI July 9 9am-5pm: Foundations of Spiritual Discernment Techniques Course 522 – $80
Experience in depth techniques used in group work and help others expand their outlook on life. Prerequisite – taken course 521.

WEEK 3 & 4: Professional Spiritual Profile Training

MON July 12 to TUE July 13 6am to 6pm
Wayshowers Guide Training

This is the first in a new coaching service created for the IR in Florida Keys March 2021. Learn ways in which you can coach your apprentices through areas of difficulty giving them a spiritual prescription to work with.
Investment: $1500

WED July 14 to FRI July 16 6am to 6pm
How to Administer 1110 Relationships and Contracts Profile

This is the first in a  new series of 5 profiles that was created for the first time at the IR in St. Croix March 2020.  Guide people through an overview of their relationship with themselves, their guidance, their opportunities and People. The profile will give a snapshot of a persons effectiveness in each of these four areas and keys to enhance their success. Prerequisite: certified to give the 1001, 1002A and the 1003A.
Investment: $2000 ea.
50% off if you take more than one of the: 1110, 1110A, 1110B, 1110C, 1110D, to auditing all 5 $300.

Additional Profile Training

TUE June 29 6am to 6pm

8102 – Balancing My Feel-Think-Act Profile
This Family World profile helps you regroup how you created your own maze by the way you interpreted your experiences in your first 7 years. It shows how balanced you are now in the Feel- Think-Act flow of life. You learn the pitfall (block) that is holding you back right now and the solution for becoming more balanced and accomplishing your life purpose with ease.
$3500 ea. First Time, $500 ea. Refreshing, $250 ea. Lifetime

SUN July 11 6am to 6pm

1001 – How to Administer the Orientation Profile
This Special Profile Course Gives You The Opportunity To Offer People A Comprehensive Profile Of Their Spiritual Energy And The Personal Communication System Of Their Four Spiritual Gifts. Prerequisites – to have experienced the Lecture training and one technique course.
$1300 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

1000 A&B – How to Administer the Types of Perception, and How to Administer the Spiritual Communication Profiles
This course offers the material that is in the 1001 in two parts. Prerequisites – to have experienced the Lecture training and one technique course.
$1400 for both trainings, $600 for 1000A and $800 for 1000B

WED July 14 6am to 6pm

1002A – How to Administer the Blockage Discovery Profile
This profile course gives you the opportunity to work with spirit to help people discover and identify patterns in their life which are holding them back from fulfillment and success. Prerequisites – to have taken the 1001 profile, and experienced a technique course.
$1300 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

THU July 15 6am to 6pm

1003A – How to Administer the Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile
This profile allows people to clarify the relationship between the spiritual and physical natures of their lives and helps them heal the flow of energy I each chakra. Prerequisites – to have taken the 1002A profile.
$1300 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

FRI July 16 6am to 6pm

1003B – How to Administer the Depth Therapy Profile, AND
1003C – How to Administer the Chakra Depth Chart Profile

1003B Profile Focuses On One Of The Glandular Centers And Explores The Unconscious Attitudes And Feelings People Have In That Area (prerequisite is to have taken 1003A Training). 1003B Profile Is An Opportunity To Help People Explore In Depth One Of The Spiritual Energy Centers To Uncover Concepts Or Feelings Which Create Unnecessary Pressure In Their Life (prerequisites is to have taken 1003B training).
$1300 ea. First Time, $500 ea. Refreshing, $250 ea. Lifetime

SAT July 17 6am to 6pm

1004 – How to Administer the Balance of Thought and Feeling Profile
This Profile Is Presented In Two Parts. Each Part Is An In-Depth Search Into The Unfoldment Of Two Of The Spiritual Gifts. Prerequisites – to have taken the 1003C profile training.
$1800 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

SUN July 18 6am to 6pm

1002B – How to Administer the Policies and Procedures of Life Profile
In this profile clients Will Discover Where You Are. Dedicated To Others And Living Their Policies And The Areas You Are Dedicated To Yourself And Living Your Own Policies.(prerequisites is to have taken 1002B training).
$1400 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

MON July 19 6am to 6pm

1300 – How to Administer the Adventures of Service Profile
In this profile the client will find out about the business of being themselves: They will clarify the effects of the maze with people or the environment and define specific solutions for living affluently.
$2000 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

TUE July 20 6am to 6pm

7000 and 7000A – How to Administer the Thrust Profile parts 1 and 2
The thrust profile will put their personal thrust into words and it takes a look at their thrust and how it works through their gifts, giving a better understanding of it in action. Part 2: This profile goes deeper into working with your thrust than 7000, checking the percentage you use your thrust in your gifts.
$1400 First Time for both trainings

WED July 21 6am to 6pm

7003 – How to Administer the Balancing the Chakras for Journeymen and Apprentices
Work with the spiritual energy of the Chakra Centers to realize how your unfoldment influences your success and motivation in your personal, social and professional life. Prerequisite to be a 1003A consultant.
$2000 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

THU July 22 6am to 6pm

7005 –How to Administer the “Seven Year Cycle-Scope” Profile
The real purpose of this  comprehensive profile is to give you a three-dimensional view – personal, business and social – of the way you approach reality and how you can work with your spiritual guidance and inner resources to channel and direct your own life along the path you are seeking. Prerequisites is to have taken 1002B training.
$2000 First Time, $500 Refreshing, $250 Lifetime

Other profiles can be added as requested, please notify the College of which profiles you intend to take at least 2 weeks ahead of camp if possible, so the needs of the people can be meet.

Meals and Lodging Information

Please register early for meals and lodging as this helps with planning.  Below are meal and lodging fees during Summer Camp:

Lodging – $75/Private Room; $25/night; $10/night tent or RV.
Daily Meals $27/day. Or purchasing separately – $8.00/Breakfast; $9.00/Lunch; $10.00/Dinner
If staying off grounds $5/day grounds fee, plus meals.

Note:  All meal registration will need to occur at least 2 days ahead and meal payments are non-refundable. Airport Pickup available. Please call the office to reserve an airport pickup (641) 454-6335.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the office, (641) 454-6335 or