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June 17th 2020

Here is the rundown of what’s on the schedule this year!

JUN 26 to JUN 29 – Weekend Retreat: Soar with Your Charisma to the Heights of Wayshower Success
JUN 29 to JUL 3 – Week 1: New Spiritual Horizons Expansion + Professional Profile Training
JUL 4 to JUL 5 – Celebration Weekend: Fellowship & Non-Profit Board Meetings + Training
JUL 6 to JUL 10 – Week 2 Intensive: Trust Your Guides
JUL 11 to JUL 12 – Weekend Retreat: Spiritual Contracts
JUL 13 to JUL 15 – Relationships & Contract Profile Series

15% off Camp Pre-Registration until June 26th! (1st weekend, meals and lodging excluded.)
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WEEKEND 1: 7pm Fri June 26 to 12pm Mon June 29
Soar with Your Charisma to the Heights of Wayshower Success

A Four Day Spiritual Leadership Retreat:
***Greater Professionalism
***Richer Abundance
***Deeper Growth
***Ultimate Fulfillment

The four days will consist of discovering presentation methods and best, most successful practices via the top leadership courses in the College. You will receive certification in two of these courses. You will have opportunity to hone your skills of lecturing, instructing and consulting to attain affluent-level mastery. You will receive precise personalized coaching to better your all around, well rounded effectiveness as a communicator. Team-instructorship and facilitation opportunity will make this retreat a success!

Upon deciding to come to this retreat, be ready to let go of your past – without ego. Be ready to receive help from your fellow classmates. Be ready to give assistance to inspire your colleagues to greatness!

Evening receptions and fellowships are part of the retreat package – Sponsored by Inner Peace Movement International, Wayshowers Community Fellowship, Peace Community Church International.

Investment: $150 ($175 at door)
This is a special sponsored event and is a separate registration purchase.

WEEK 1: 1pm Mon June 29 to 5pm Fri July 3
TRACK 1: New Spiritual Horizons Expansion

Take a deep-dive into the ocean of New Spiritual Horizons. Experience techniques, growth, sharing and introspection weaving you through the NSH group sessions and associated courses.
During this week you will:

  • Deepen your communication with your guidance
  • Heal yourself through understanding
  • Find direction in your life’s purpose
  • Establish your feelings of belonging
  • Unfold your four means of communication: Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling
  • Discover inklings of where you come from, where you are going and what you are doing here
  • Overcome your doubts through experiencing your feelings
  • Understand your crystal clear motives

All of this occurs through powerful energy technique experience, healing and connection with others in the class!

Investment: $500 for the week or $125 per day or $75 per ½ day
Prerequisites: None, it is recommended to have experienced the 1001 Orientation Profile.

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

WEEK 1: 1pm Mon June 29 to 5pm Fri July 3
TRACK 2: Professional Profile Certification Training

A special opportunity for profile certifications! This year you have the rare opportunity to refresh your profile certifications in a 3 hour time span, instead of the standard 6am – 6pm! You will be able to refresh multiple profiles within this 4 and ½ day profile course experience and as the hours are from 9am-5pm each day, there is plenty of time for morning meditation or exercise and evening socializing!

Schedule of Profile Courses:
Only refreshers and life refreshers will be able to refresh in these 3 to 4 hour time spans.

Monday June 29 1pm-5pm: 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile

Tuesday June 30 9am-12noon:1003A Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile
Tuesday June 30 1pm-5pm:  1003B Depth Therapy Profile & 1003C Chakras Depth Chart

Wednesday July 1 9am-12noon: 1004 Balance of Thought and Feeling Profile
Wednesday July 1 1pm-5pm: 2001 Universal Energy Chart

Thursday July 2 9am-12noon:  2002 Soul Consciousness Profile
Thursday July 2 1pm-5pm: 1002B Policies and Procedures Profile

Friday July 3 9am-12noon: 7000 Personal Thrust Profile
Friday July 3 1pm-5pm: 7004 Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile

Investment: $500 Refreshing and $250 Lifetime for each profile training(15% discount for prepaid accounts)

During the times when a person does not need to attend one of the profile refresher slots because they are already currently certified In that particular consultation, they can weave in to the Track 1 New Spiritual Horizons experience at a discounted rate of $75 per day or $50 per half day.

Prerequisites: To have already taken profile certification course. If you would like to take one of these profile courses for the first time, you will be able to do during this week. The instructor will arrange for an extended timing that fits your schedule.

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

Weekend 2: Sat July 4, 2020 to Sun July 5, 2020
Board Meeting, Celebrations, & 1001 Certification Training

Saturday July 4th: Annual Board meeting of Inner Peace Movement International 9am-4pm

4pm and beyond: Independence Day Party time! Celebrate and socialize with your spiritual brothers and sisters with fireworks, drinks, a special dinner and lots of fun and fellowship.

Sunday July 5th: Annual Board Meetings of Peace Community Church International and Wayshowers Community Fellowship

9am-7pm How to Administer the 1001 Orientation Profile for first timers!

Investment: $1300
Prerequisites: To have experienced 1001 and 1002A profiles, as well as taken courses 500 and 521.  Highly Recommended to have taken groupwork, course 421, and experienced 1003A profile.  Contact the office (641) 454-6335 for exceptions to be considered.

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

WEEK 2: 9am Mon July 6 to 12pm Fri July 10
Trust Your Guides

Go deeper into the TRUST of your communication with your personal team of spiritual helpers than you ever have before. Realize the unconscious blocks that you have been putting in your path that limit the insights that you can receive from your guidance and expand into a closer relationship with them!

This week will be jam-packed with experiences of TRUST in sensing energy and sensing the communication of guidance. Through experiential techniques you will have full exposure to totally trust and count on your guidance.

Do you have your guidance to count on when you most need it? Get ready for the relationship you’ve always desired to have with your angels.

Inclusive of the Trust your Guides retreat you will receive an update to your 1001S swing update profile so you have the most updated information on your spiritual gifts and the degree of swing, your energy distribution of positive, negative and uncommitted and knowledge of extra helpers that are currently backing your main team.

This retreat is suited for all no matter your level of experience working with guidance!
Pre-requisite is the 1001 Orientation Profile, and it is recommended to have experienced 1002A & one of the thrust profiles.

Investment: $600
Add-on: Consultants can refresh 1001 How to Administer the Orientation Profile certification and 1001S How to Administer the Swing Update Profile.  The investment for each is $500 refreshing, $250 lifetimers.

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

WEEKEND 3: 9am-5pm Sat July 11 to  Sun July 12
Spiritual Contracts Retreat

Offered in St. Croix this year during the International Regrouping

Experience an intensive version of this year’s International Regrouping Content. You can read about this program more in depth at . Topics covered during this intensive:

  • Personal Power
  • Karma and Destiny
  • Spiritual Contracts
  • Desires and Needs
  • Flow

Investment: $300 and $100 if attended at IR 2020

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

WEEK 3: Professional Spiritual Profile Training

You can attend all profile trainings in person at the International Conference Center in Osceola Iowa or online via ZOOM, EXCEPT 1110 on Monday and 7009H on Friday. Please indicate if you will be attending via Zoom on the product page. Contact the office if you have questions or to register on the phone (641) 454-6335 or

9am-5pm CT Mon July 13
How to Administer 1110 Relationships and Contracts Profile

This is the first in a  new series of 5 profiles that was created for the first time at the IR in St. Croix March 2020.  Guide people through an overview of their relationship with themselves, their guidance, their opportunities and People. The profile will give a snapshot of a persons effectiveness in each of these four areas and keys to enhance their success.

Investment: $1,500 (IR 2020 attendees can Audit for $100, contact the office.)
In person training only.

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

The 3 Profile Trainings on Tues, Wed and Thurs are available in person and online via ZOOM.

Tues July 14th

7013 – How to Administer the Living Thrust Profile
9AM to 5PM CT: 1st Timers ($1300)
1PM to 5PM CT: Refreshing ($500) and Lifetime ($250)

Wed July 15th

1200 – How to Administer the Niche Profile
9AM to 5PM CT: 1st Timer ($1300)
1PM to 5PM CT: Refreshing ($500) and Lifetime ($250)

Thurs July 16th

1300 – How to Administer the Adventures of Service Profile
9AM to 5PM CT: 1st Timer ($2000)
1PM to 5PM CT: Refreshing ($500) and Lifetime ($250)

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

Friday July 17th

7009H – How to Administer the My Spiritual Contracts Profile (In-person only)
9AM to 5PM CT: Refreshing ($500) and Lifetime only ($250)

15% off Coupon Code campdiscount15 – enter at cart for discount.

Meals and Lodging Information

Please register early for meals and lodging as this helps with planning.  Below are meal and lodging fees during Summer Camp:

Lodging – $25/night; $10/night tent.
Daily Meals $25/day. Or purchasing separately – $8.00/Breakfast; $9.00/Lunch; $10.00/Dinner
If staying off grounds $5/day grounds fee, plus meals.


Note:  All meal registration will need to occur at least 24 hours ahead and meal payments are non-refundable. Airport Pickup available, please call the office to schedule (641) 454-6335.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the office, (641) 454-6335 or