Spirits of Success

Summer Camp June 22 - July 13, 2019

International Conference Center – Osceola, Iowa

Three Amazing Weeks of Inner Explorations

Prepare to come and fill up your Spiritual cup!
Week 1- Successful Healing Foundation: Universal Foundations and PCC Training
Week 2- Express Inner Success: Spiritual Educator I Training
Week 3 – Success in the Fifth Dimension: Astro Soul Training

WEEK 1: Monday June 24, 2019 thru Friday June 28, 2019
Universal Foundations (Track 1)

“Universal Foundations” is to Wayshowers College what General Education is to a regular University; it allows the widest swatch of topics to be passed on for awareness & interest, as well as ensuring the individual has a solid foundation to move forward without missing important concepts.  This year’s Universal Foundations will also include some of the Hawaii International Regrouping as well as qualify College Contracted Instructors to participate in the New Business Model.

Investment: $1000 (15% Discount if registered by June 10th)
Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1001 Orientation Profile. Recommended to have experienced the 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile and the Thrust Profile, either 7000 or 7004.

Peace Community Church (Track 2)

Course, Times and Investment Information. Click read more to learn more about the course.
June 24th –
Course 606 Speaking and Writing with Guidance – Facilitate self healing by allowing your inner guidance to speak through your writings to share wisdom, feelings and insights. $70 (9am – 4pm) OR
Course 622 Ceremonies and Procedures of PCC – Learn the basics and principles of being a minister within Peace Community Church International. $73 (9:30am – 4pm)
June 25th –
Course 624 Mystical Practices of the American Indian – Unfold your own path into the balance and wholeness of mystical maturity. $73 (9am – 4pm) OR
Course 622A Unions: A Deeper Connection – Explore the deeper service of being a minister within Peace Community Church International Part 1. $75 (9:30am – 4pm)
June 26th –
Course 608 Spiritual Nature of the Sacraments – Gain a bigger picture of Christianity by looking at it from a spiritual point of view. $73 (9am – 4pm) OR
Course 622B Celebrations of Life’s Transitions – Explore the deeper service of being a minister within Peace Community Church International Part 2. $75 (9:30am – 4pm)
June 27th –
Course 690 Guardian Angels my Source of Inspiration – Gain insight into what you have come to do on planet earth and how your guidance can help you accomplish your life purpose. $45 (9am – noon) and Course 694 Consideration: The Basis for my Actions – Learn to be more loyal to yourself by regrouping the 4 Churches within yourself. $45 (1pm – 4pm) OR
Course 622C Baptism, Blessings, and Benedictions – Explore the deeper service of being a minister within Peace Community Church International Part 3.  $75 (9:30am – 4pm)
June 28th –
Course 699 Discipline: The Reverence To Be – See the importance in doing the best we know how to reach inner balance and observe how to define your own discipline to live life to the fullest.  $45 (9am – noon)

Register for PCCI Courses by day, click the date below to choose a course and add to cart.
JUNE 24, 2019 | JUNE 25, 2019 | JUNE 26, 2019 | JUNE 27, 2019 | JUNE 28, 2019

WEEK 2: Monday July 1, 2019 thru Friday July 5, 2019
Spiritual Educator I Training

Wayshowers College “Spiritual Educator 1” (SE1) program is the first step in a new leadership curriculum. This includes training in lectures, workshops, group work, techniques, instructorship methods, standards and ethics as well as marketing. Traditionally this was only available by individual courses and typically took longer to gather all the necessary tools to lead searchers through all these steps. The primary focus will revolve around the New Spiritual Horizons program. This year’s SE1 will also include IPM Program refreshing for those with that training.

Investment: $1,000 (1st time training in the basic ‘6 Priorities’) or $500 (Refreshing the ‘6 Priorities’, courses 500, 500A,B, 521, 522, 421)
15% Discount if registered before June 17th
Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1001 Orientation Profile and 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile. Recommended to have experienced the 100AA Blockage Discovery Profile and the Thrust Profile, either 7000 or 7004.

Week 3: Monday July 8, 2019 to Saturday July 13, 2019
Exploring Trance Healing through Astro Soul

Astro Soul is the exploration into the fifth dimension and the unconscious mind. In Astro Soul programs you move from the dimension of space time to light time, traveling as a free agent at the speed of light. Without eyes you can see, without ears you can hear and without a physical body you can feel! You will realize that life on Planet Earth is but a blink of the eye in the time span of eternity.

A valuable service and training of this program are Trance Healing Tables providing a view into how one attracts certain energy to seem a part of our own consciousness, understand and clarify it and then heal that energy so one can continue the personal journey through life with less interference or unknowns. Loyalty to self is a journey of self-understanding.

Monday July 8, 2019 – Tuesday July 9, 2019
Course 764A Trance Healing: A Deeper Communication – Energy associated with planet earth such as answers, awareness, aspiration, advancement, achievement, and action. Being a free agent on planet earth and growing from our experiences opens the realm of being a soul with a physical body. $384 (First Timers) or $181 (Refreshing)

Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile and to have taken the 700, 701 A, B, C, 714 and 760 courses OR alternatively experience the 1002B profile and taken the 700, 744 and 727. Recommended to have experienced Astro Soul Group Work, 700A and B and 768. If you have questions about to eligibility to take Trance Healing Training, please contact the office directly (800)336-8008 or facts@wayshowerscollege.com.

Wednesday July 10, 2019 – Thursday July 11, 2019
Course 764B Experiencing the Spiritual Mysticism of Trance Healing – Energy associated with bewilderment, beaten, bully, and blocked. Gain a deeper understanding of how this type of energy can hold you back from experiencing the joy of living, heal it and heal more of the confusion on planet earth. $425 (First Timers) $221 (Refreshing)

Prerequisites: 764A Trance Healing Training Course.

Friday July 12, 2019 – Saturday July 13, 2019
Course 764C The Occult World of Trance and Mediumship – Energy associated with confusion, corrupt, competitive, control and complacent. One can learn to discern this energy, heal it and be better of service to oneself and others. $441 (First Time) $230 (Refreshing)

Prerequisites: 764B Trance Healing Training Course.

10% Discount if registered before June 24th and an extra 5% Discount if registered for the entire week (All 3 courses 764A, B, C) of Trance Training.

Weekends at Camp

WEEKEND 1 Training:
June 22, 2019 6am to 6pm – How to Administer the 1001 Orientation Profile >>Register Online<<
June 23, 2019 6am to 6pm – How to Administer the 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile >>Register Online<<

WEEKEND 2 Training:
June 29, 2019 6am to 6pm – How to Administer the 1003A Percent of Balance in Glandular System Profile  >>Register Online<<
June 30, 2019 6am to 6pm – How to Administer the 7004 Inner Guidance and Spiritual Thrust Profile
>>Register Online<<

Express Inner Success – A Special Four-Day Retreat at Summer Camp
JUNE 28 – JULY 1
Join with fellow spiritual searchers and way-finders to experience a dynamic and fun retreat filled with energy techniques, courses, fellowship and sharing!
<<Find Out More at ipminternational.org>>

WEEKEND 3 Training:
July 7, 2019 6am to 6pm – How to Present the Astro Soul Orientation Lecture >>Register Online<<

***Anyone needed additional Profile training for first time or refreshing. Please notify the office (800)366-8008 or facts@wayshowerscollege.com

Non-Profit Board Meetings

July 4, 2019 Inner Peace Movement International (IPMI) 9am – noon
July 6, 2019 Peace Community Church International (PCCI) 9am – noon
July 6, 2019 Wayshowers Community Fellowship (WCF) 2pm – 5pm

Meals and Lodging Information

Lodging: $25/night; $10/night tent.
Meals $25/day. Purchasing separately: $7.50/Breakfast; $8.50/Lunch; $9.50/Dinner
If staying off grounds $5/day grounds fee, plus meals.
Airport Pickup available, please call the office to schedule (800)336-8008.


If you have questions or concerns please contact the office, (800)336-8008 or facts@wayshowerscollege.com