Welcoming the Spiritual New Year!

Over the last year, it seems I swam a great ocean. Today, still riding the wave of change that transpired, it appears the ripples upon the shore are most welcoming and a sign this year will be a steady appreciation of each day. I found something today that I must have saved for many, many years. As I read it, I understood more about what I committed to back in the 70’s when I opened myself to the consciousness of spiritual growth.

“After a while I learned the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. I learned that loving doesn’t mean leaning, and company doesn’t mean security. I begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises. I began to accept my stepping stones with my head held high and my eyes ahead, with the grace of a soul, not the grief of a child. I learned to build all my roads on today because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans and futures that have a way of changing in mid-flight. After a while I learned that even sunshine burns if I get too much. So I plant my own garden and decorate my own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring me flowers. I learned that I really can endure, that I really do have worth and that with every goodbye, I learn.”

I can honestly say the past year has shown me all the tools I have and need to be the entrepreneur that I have always aspired I am. There is no mountain that I have not been willing to climb in order to get to where I am going. At every corner there are always moments when I have had to stop, evaluate and accept the learning of the experience. I have learned to let go, walk away, take risks, and to honor the inner commitment to stay loyal to who I am, where I am and partner with my inner guidance for the only inner security I know and trust. Still I grow stronger as I wake each morning with a smile on my face at realizing each day is a new beginning, a day full of newness and greatness.

In Living Breath represents me continuing to be active at what I have come to do, in my own timing, armed with my facts, focused on my road ahead as I move towards my goals, my personal fulfillment. For breathing is living, having fun, and knowing how I want to feel, what I need to do is a daily routine of being in motion. No moss grows on the feet of me in motion. The expression of my soul is the wind beneath my feet. There is no greater love than that of journeying towards inner freedom.

Bewildered is Not Fun! My thrust in life is about eliminating the noise that can interfere with the inner peace, inner security and inner loyalty of the soul journeying planet earth. There is no faster way to have more fun than to get the things that prevent this out of the way. Loyalty to self is a most satisfying and fulfilling experience one can have. There is no time to waste because confusion gets stronger the longer one toys with its tentacles. Making In Living Breath worthwhile in this next spiritual year is insuring each moment of your life, you are doing what you need and want for yourself.


A toast to all the new beginnings coming,
Dawn Overstreet, Florida
Certified Spiritual Consultant


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