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In this world of many colors, cultures and beliefs, music unites us.
Songs From The Heart In a Circle Of Love
An inspirational selection of seventeen songs that will rejuvenate, heal and create a loving heart.
Begin and end each day in a musical fellowship will spirit, feel the oneness; heal your heart
Peace Community Church International and the Americana Leadership College have collaborated together to bring you these inspirational songs.
Music is an essential part of the art of healing and the heART of living. There is infinite power to change and heal when you tap your Inner Love, Inner Kindness, and Inner Authority.
This collection of songs is sung by people around the world gathered together in “Circle of Love Fellowships” who meet to share inspiration, joy and healing.
The language of Spirit is the language of feelings. Singing helps us to tune into the good, kind, loving, sharing part of us that is innate in the power of Love.
The Songs From The Heart CD include these favorites
In The Rhythm Of The Universe
Brother Do You See The Love In Me
All Around Me
This Little Light Of Mine
Spirit Of The Living God
Soaring Around
Hark, The Vesper Bells
True Love
Simple Joyful Harmony
We Are One In The Spirit
Dona Nobis Pacem
I Believe
Po Kare Kare Ana
Today I’ll Be Love
I Believe In Angels
Let The There Be Peace On Earth
One We Are One
The songs in this CD will prepare you with a solid foundation for your spiritual growth.
You will develop an inner Circle Of Love that will transcend the pressures and negativity in daily living.

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