July 19 – Course 784


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Wednesday, July 19, 9am-5p
The Dynamics of Inner Guidance and Your Spiritual Thrust (784).
Price: $116. Prerequisite: To have experienced the 1002A Profile. Wrap up course.

This course is for journeymen and apprentices who want to streamline their life by expanding their spiritual thrust and live more dynamically each day. Realize the profound energy that is a part of your life thrust and learn to tap this universal force for spiritual success. Refine a deeper communication with your guidance which will help you to seek out the pathway that leads you further into your true-life direction. by working with your inner guidance on a more intensified level, you can sharpen your sensitivity and work more dynamically with your life thrust. Learn how to anticipate changes in your life by achieving a sense of purpose and honesty, tap a wellspring of energy that is available always and discover how to welcome change and growth as significant forces of energy in your life direction.