For the Media

The programs from the curriculums of Wayshowers College have been the forerunner, since the 1960’s, in discussing and clarifying topics such as dreams, ESP experiences, life after death, guardian angels, and how to m  aster life purpose.

Since 1964, Wayshowers College speakers have been asked back to share their experiences. They help people clarify the depth and scope of their life experiences and recognize how their choices affect their physical situations of health, well being, success and ability to reach their potential.

newspaperCollege professionals have been featured in over 6,000 articles in major newspapers in the U.S. and around the world.

Since 1964, program speakers present with enthusiasm and an inner conviction based on broad experience and depth of understanding, helping people to clarify and understand experiences that are considered paranormal.

“Only by understanding ourselves and realizing our true, full potential can we be happy and fulfilled in our lives” … “By the use of tried and true techniques, a person can learn how to become a leader of oneself and others.”
Las Vegas Sun

“We all have 80-90 psychic experiences every day… A person will have a hunch to call someone. She will hear her name called and no one is there. We’re like radio transmitters and can tune into each other every day.”
The (Trenton, New Jersey) Times

“All psychic gifts add up to one—extra sensory perception or ESP, your sixth sense, just waiting to be tapped. And ESP is not exclusive. Everyone has it.”
San Juan (Puerto Rico) Star

globeThe College’s program lectures, workshops, and techniques have reached over 1,000,000 in the U.S. and around the world, while inspiring millions of people through articles and media appearances. Over 100,000 local participants have been trained in dynamic techniques to unfold their inner sensitivity, self-understanding, leadership and methods for effective communications.

The College’s programs has reached over 40 countries around the world including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Canada, South America, Central America, the Pacific and the Caribbean. Trained professionals have appeared on over 20,000 local and national radio and television shows and have been featured in 5,000 major newspapers internationally.