Consultation Services

General Information

Personal Consultation Profiles are private services offered by professionally trained consultants.

Receiving a profile is a unique method of self-discovery developed by Dr. Coll. These profiles are geared to help you understand your spiritual nature and experience the reality of the soul by expanding your inner freedom. The private session allows you to be in a relaxed situation in which to discover your deeper feelings and to help you help yourself.

Consultations are administered by certified, professional consultants whose training and ethics are the finest in the world. The Wayshowers CollegeSM requires consultants to routinely update their skills and training to maintain their certification.

Consultations and the knowledge and skills gained through them free a person to clearly see what is truth for him/herself. No one can lie to or control a person who can communicate with his/her Guidance.  These consultations span a wide range of discovery of solutions for the modern day life experiences.

You are encouraged to contact a Certified Consultant in your area with any questions you may have. Consultants by location are provided by clicking the View by Location box provided for you.


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