Miracles Course Tour in Australia and New Zealand

Miracles Course Tour in Australia and New Zealand

In this two-day workshop learn tools and techniques for manifesting your dreams into reality!  Tiger Coll is presenting Course 758 Miracle Vibration in Spiritual Healing.

VICTORIA, AU on April 20th and 21st
AUCKLAND, NZ ON May 4th and 5th

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Miracles Course Australia   Miracles Course New Zealand

Course 758: Experiencing the “Miracle” Vibration in Spiritual Healing – Through this course you will be going through your essence to become a living miracle. Know the reality and simplicity of creating miracle and create a more fulfilling future with the use of imagination, visualization and acceptance. See yourself as the writer, director and actor of you life!

“By now, many of you have learned about the Law of Attraction. This course not only has you practice it, it also helps you Re-Design your inner workings to reflect what you are moving toward. What does that mean… it means you can start freely doing what you have truly come to do, without excuses, wasting time or getting caught in the past. Experience Regrouping, Insights, Tools and Techniques, Healings and Wisdom in the ‘Miracles’ course.”

Miracles Course Australia Miracles Course New Zealand

Prerequisite for this course is to have experienced the 1001, 1002A, and 1003A profiles.