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Create Inner Peace – Your Ultimate Immunity – Free Class!

April 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Roger, Kristina and I have inspired a team of dynamic, professional and dedicated Life Force Educators from around the world to bring their wisdom and experience to you!  They have led lifestyles to be their own best healers, psychics and angel communicators.  Their true love and desire to share the tools and techniques, that have been crucial to their own well-being, is rekindling a movement – a launch for Inner Peace!

Join this us this Wednesday or Thursday, April 15 and 16th for the first of many enlightening and healing Webinar that will connect you to kindred souls – your spiritual and psychic brothers and sisters.

Create Inner Peace- the Ultimate Immunity is the theme they will be sharing.  In these amazing times on Planet Earth it is vital to stay relaxed and at ease with all of your circumstances.  You need to know how to navigate the stresses in you and near you.  We have time tested tools and techniques that will help!

You can register here:  https://newspiritualhorizons.com/free-lesson/

These webinars will orient you to self-solutions and simple methods to create a deep well of calm.  That personal tranquility is a proven tension reducer that helps uplift the body, mind and spirit that infuses you with inner and outer immunity!

Imagine being able to soar above the conflict and feel the radiant rays of the real you guiding your actions.  There is no place for doubt or fear in your personal sunlight!  Get ready to create lasting change for your greater well-being.

Instead of “returning to normal” we need to take today’s lessons and build a new, more resilient, practical NORMAL for everyone.

That new normal starts with you!

In this classes, we will focus on becoming an agent of transformation.

  • Learn to brighten your light and radiate healing in your environment.
  • Build strong immunity from anxiety, stress, and negativity and help others to do the same.
  • Create a core of unshakable inner peace regardless of tension around you.
  • See a bigger picture of life on planet Earth (energy, growth, purpose, guidance, inner freedom)  Why is this happening and what more can we do together?
  • Experience energetic techniques that cut through negativity and inoculate your personal aura. Learn intuitive methods for living without fear.
  • Connect with others in profoundly positive ways.  Meet your soul tribe!

Dates and times:

Wednesday, April 15th  12 noon or 8 pm Central Time

Thursday, April 16th  12 noon or 8 pm Central Time

Learn More & Register:  https://newspiritualhorizons.com/free-lesson/

This is one Online Class you will not want to miss!