Good question right?



While I was experiencing 3 full days of wondering how fleas got into my humble abode and infested my big Metay cat, there were moments I wondered if there was a solution for this new experience I was being exposed to or even a learning curve.

There is no doubt that in times when I am challenged to be me, here comes some experiences that test where I really am by how I respond to them. This was no different.

I discovered the facts when my cat began to meow consistently, started following me around and just over all giving me an indication of discomfort.  His routines changed rapidly and so did mine because he was so uncomfortable, he wanted to make sure I knew it.  I had to hunt through his hair to discover the infestation. I had not been bitten at all. Seeing these critters crawling on him even made me uncomfortable. I scrambled for a solution. I started reading about them and looking for a solution. Wanting to stay away from poisons and things I finally went for the Frontline, only to read later that in Atlanta the critters are used to this stuff and keep on trucking forward, nawing the cat and laying their eggs. Are you itching yet? Continuing to spray the carpet, wood floors, etc. I realized overnight this wasn’t working.

So, next step went to an herbal pet store and got a edible pill to kill from the inside out. Gave it to him in his food. To sleep he went and me hoping I had not over-medicated my critter. Got a bag of organic stuff that was like a powder, spread it everywhere; to be left and then vaccumed at some point over a period of time. Things seem to be better now but I sure learned a lot.

Summary of this experience:
  • Insects get stronger over time and they become resistant to many things. In life, when our habits are so strong from our past, we sometimes don’t notice them till we are stopped in our tracks to finally evaluate and regroup what is next.
  • The longer we put off finding solutions, the more frustration and exhaustion we can experience. We all know when things don’t feel good, but do we stop and figure out what is going on and then take action so that we can feel good again?
  • The 1002A (Blockage Consultation) can break through any concept barrior but effort to continue to work with new routines is the only thing that will fully heal and change the habit.
  • The 1003A (Glandular Consultation) can show you how the concept affects your energy and create a new pattern for which you can rely on and refer to as you learn to heal yourself and be guided towards the real you.

dawn2I realize that everything I do or am involved with helps me to see things more clearly, especially if I am willing to look at what is right in front of me.  I am grateful Metay understands and trusts I will “be on it” when it comes to my discomforts, his discomfort because waiting around and hoping something goes away is not my way of living the true loyalty I have for myself. And honesty is a policy that opens the door to meet challenge as soon as it is at the door.

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