WOW!  I don’t know about you, but the past year of ‘Refined Actions’ has been QUITE the journey for me!  It is a year that has taken me on a ride of new levels of transformation, constantly evolving. In this past Spiritual New Year, I made the choice to re-visit opportunities I once passed up.  Wasting time?  No, I call it quick lessons into being able to ‘REFINE’ where I am investing my energy.  Is it working for me or not?  I also embraced opportunities to release ideas and illusions from my constant mind whirl and moved some heavy weights around in my personal and out of my environment.

This shifting of energy allowed me to successfully come out the end of this year feeling more confident in what my purpose here REALLY IS!  Sure, throughout the year I had steadily continued to ‘Practice the Passion‘ … from a greater distance than necessary.  I have also learned a tremendous amount MORE of myself and the actions needed to move me in the direction of my true soul calling.   I have gotten off the beaten path many times before and one thing I know:  I am already mastering the art of getting back on MY path MUCH MUCH QUICKER!!!

OH, and dare I mention, another soul has chosen to come through me … Refined Actions at its best!  I continue to release the ‘worry’ or questioning of ‘HOW’ will I do it all?  Instead, I accept that I will do my best at what I have come to do AND be the best partner and parent as I possibly can be at any given moment just by staying present IN the moment and enjoying the dance of life.  I am already catching that ‘Mastering Energy’ sweep!

As I sit here writing, I am aware that I am already tuned into the energy of the NEW spiritual new year.  Not to mention, the ‘Total Eclipse’ paired with the ‘Leo New Moon’ that followed, came at the exact right time, Thank You Universe!  It never ceases to amaze me how Spirit works in magical ways!  The energy of true transformation and true evolution is 100% backing, all of us ready to ‘Get out of our own way’ and get into action with the resources and wisdom we already have and are.

What is ‘Mastering Energy’ anyway?  This concept can take many different forms for many different personalities, yes personalities: that egoic self that I love to listen to that gets me into trouble and/or holds me back from doing the very thing I have come to do.

The core of ‘Mastering Energy’ is living my ‘Truth’, my ‘Thrust’ & following my true soul purpose!

I see ‘Mastering Energy’ as a year to embrace and accept myself as I am and confidently jump in the stream of my passion by getting into action with what I already am! Stop it with the ‘I’m not good enough’ suffering vibration already! The word ‘Mastering’ alone states I am not a ‘Master’! As long as I am involved in what I am passionate about, there are no excuses to hold back any longer. I am here ‘Mastering’ MY energy – no one else can do it for me.

Bring on the Spiritual New Year! Who’s with me?

These insights shared by,
Kristina Hildebrand
Certified Spiritual Consultant