Carolyn Clarke

Why I am a part of Wayshowers Community Fellowship

The essential point for me is tapping into the higher dimension of the master souls that back this program.  If you feel you have not experienced this pure cleansed uplifting energy, join me in doing so now!

Center, cleanse and relax, take a couple of deep relaxing breaths and mentally ask your spiritual helpers to share with you the energy of the Master souls that back Wayshowers Community Fellowship.  Allow the flow and experience.  This is multi-dimensional healing, freedom of the soul.

As I strive to communicate the feeling of my experience one thing that comes to mind is being outside on a warm and beautiful day and being involved with nature.  As I feel the need to refresh myself I take a cool cleansing shower.  I am uplifted, renewed, revitalized and ready for what comes next.

Wayshowers Community Fellowship provides me with tools of understanding for the cultures and Spiritual traditions of planet earth.  It provides information for the oneness we all share in our uniqueness.  It builds bridges for a bigger picture of our unique purpose and healing with Spirit.  It promotes reverence and freedom of the soul with unlimited backing.  It sponsors and backs bringing programs to individuals and communities through backing the special talents of everyone living with inner guidance and being the Wayshower.  It salutes the creativity within each of us.

On a personal note, and close to my heart, it backs, mentors and provides opportunity to our youth to explore and experience their inner guidance, self-respect, and personal leadership.  This is done through the sponsorship of the Operation Action and Growing Executives of Tomorrow programs.  One way we provide this backing is through financial support for youth to attend and experience community programs and summer camp in Osceola, Iowa.

I am honored that 3 years ago my Grandson received financial backing to make it possible for him to attend camp in Osceola.  Being in this pure, cleansed energy he was able to experience a personal freedom he had not felt previously.  He met new people, had new experiences both physical and spiritual, and was introduced to a new family, making connections he values still.  I am so grateful for Wayshowers Community Fellowship, and Spirit for making this possible.  Do you know youth you want to back with this Spiritual energy?

Wayshowers Community Fellowship is a non-profit 501c (3) organization.  We are supported financially through membership and donations.  We need your financial contributions to grow our ability to outreach further and provide a greater service to you as the Wayshower and our growing spiritual leaders.

You may become a member and/or donate by going to our website at, mail a check to WCF, P.O. Box 442253, Lawrence, Ks. 66044.  Your membership and donations are tax deductible.  If you use Amazon for purchases, some qualify, for sharing a slight percentage of your purchase at no additional charge to you, by going to Amazon Smile and selecting Wayshowers Community Fellowship Corp as your non-profit.

Thank you for allowing me to share.  Why do you want to be an active participant in WCF? Let us hear from you.

Sponsors of Operation Action and Astro Soul programs.