Early in my studies I was told by one of my teachers that we are “all practitioners practicing the art of healing”. In my particular case, I have been a student of acupuncture for over 35 years. I have learned that to allow myself the patience and time to practice, as in practice, practice Practice, this is the greatest gift that I may share with anyone within the health and healing arts.

Now, you may be thinking, yes I know this, I’ve got my degree training and I know that I am skilled in my chosen field. I am competent and will do no harm. I have been in practice for enough time now to believe in my skill set.

Let us diverge now. I would love to share my story. I grew up in North Queensland Australia, at the time of opening my first Clinic in Acupuncture, at the age of 21 years; my town had a population of only 90,000 people. The year was 1980. I was the second acupuncturist that region had and the first was whom I took over his clinic. He subsequently moved much further south to a township in northern New South Wales to Ballina.

From 1980 to 1985 there were no other acupuncturists in town except me. The medical profession in my area only just started to do their weekend courses in medical Acupuncture around 1985/6, at least in my area. Chiropractors had long been established, few Naturopathic physicians and massage therapist, body workers and the like weren’t really heard of.

Lucky for me my college prepared me well enough to develop my skill set and grow my clinic numbers. Off I went into this new phase of my life. A little more knowledge of my background. I am of 3rd generation Chinese Australian descent. So this was quite possibly much to my support back then, but I will confess there had been quite a few incidents in my childhood of racism against my heritage.

So I know I was challenged in many facets. One, from the acceptance back then of acupuncture and two, the “medical” profession. I have always said that my naivety and youth were my greatest assets back then. I was too dumb to know that it couldn’t be done, period. My family upbringing certainly supported the nature of energy work, greater forces and universal forces, acupuncture training in the classics and 5 Element Theory brought this altogether in my clinical practice.

Now for more of some core truths as per life experiences. You see I was young, I really hadn’t developed my identity quite yet. I was still learning how to become an adult. Through the depth of this on the “surface great successful life”, I always felt I was missing something. I was living the dream. My peers and school buddies, in their eyes I had the house, the business and everything seemed to them that I had it easy. By the way, back then I only worked clinic 20 hours per week, never worked Wednesday or weekends. Go figure!

I knew there had to be more! I was searching! I had many a glimpse of my natural ability and Gifts. These days I know this to be my inner guidance and psychic sensitivity. Then one day by divine guidance my receptionist left a message on my answer phone (no voice mail, email or Internet) she had seen an article in the newspaper about a lecture at a local venue. It was on developing your psychic gifts and inner guidance. The lecture was called “Man and the Universe”. I went! I have never looked back, I began my journey of self discovery and clarity of true purpose. I still to this day remain connected to what I heard that night in the lecture. By the way as if the divine connections passed and were spent, my receptionist resigned not long after. I believe she was the conduit for my connection. Life’s miracles to be guided, as I am by remaining open to.

Fast forward to today, here I sit writing this for you to read. To be connected to divine guidance requires a releasing and realization of much of our conditioning. This conditioning is in the form of beliefs that are not of a higher truth. Your real self lies within, beneath all the layers of emotional conditioning. The stuff often termed as “baggage”, the stuff that from my experience causes dis-ease. As a practitioner we can only support others to heal this “stuff” but truth be know every soul needs to do it for themselves. Hence the term “Helping people help themselves” … from Dr. Francisco Coll, the founder of the Inner Peace Movement and the Man and the Universe Lecture. I recommend you attend when next it’s scheduled local to you.

-robin-timsoYours in love, peace and backing.
Healing Comes With Open Feeling. Awareness, Awake, Awaken

Robin Tim So (Acupuncturist)

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