Diana Ringo

Roger and I have been traveling around the country setting up booths at Holistic Fair EXPO’s for the last 3 years.

Spirit has backed us in most amazing ways. You know, I used to scoff at a 3-month plan. Good Grief! We are now planning out at least a year. Who knew? It is necessary to work it all in and get the best booth space at the Expo’s we do. We literally touch thousands of lives as we move around the country. We make friends with other vendors who want readings, gemstones and good will generated in our booth. Roger is a master planner. I am lucky woman but don’t tell him I said so. You know, I wouldn’t want him to get a big head LOL

Roger Ringo

We make a great team and we have honed our Spiritual skills these past few years. We are consistent with our Energy and people recognize that feeling as they pass our booth. Spirit nudges them, they stop to chat because our booth has “something special, something different” from many of the other vendors at these Expo’s. It is a FEELING they say. Plus, Roger is a talker (Ha! You didn’t know that, right?) and he crafts our message so beautifully. We have a no nonsense approach to Modern Spiritual Living, Angel Profiles, workshops, etc. I believe we are successful because we learned our lessons well the last 40 years in this program. We consistently show up so Spirit continues to back us to help people help themselves.

This last “tour” was all about Angel Profiles. People who know what they want, show up and sit down right in the booth. I used to think I needed quiet, private time and space to do a 1001 Profile. Guess what! Spirit puts a bubble around us and our client, so one more person can now check clearly with their team of Angels. How great is that?! If you notice, I put “Tour” in quotes because Paul kept referring to our TRIPS as TOURS. I scoffed at that terminology. “We are NOT on tour”, I said because that terminology brought up some early doubtful energy for me. Paul has “toured” extensively and it turns out he was right about the kind of energy generated when “touring.” Now, don’t tell him I said that because we don’t want him getting a big head, either LOL

The highs and lows of being away from home for months is very real. We have been so, so fortunate in our travels. Good friends have backed us many times as we venture around and do our Spiritual Business. That being said, boy is it great to be back home in IOWA and just a few miles from our Retreat Center.

Highlights of touring come from working with other Professional Spiritual Educators. We meet special people who are excited by our message. In Colorado Springs a lady wanted a Past Life reading. She was so excited she brought her friend for a reading. Both ladies wanted Angel Profiles so we set up a time. I went prepared because Spirit nudged me. A daughter comes with her mother and she wants a profile – my favorite mission this lifetime is sharing with young people. I truly feel setting the stage for the future with the beautiful SOULS coming into Planet Earth now has no bounds, no words because I am truly blessed with that mission because “little ones” in our program, the young people I meet and get to inspire, are beyond special.

There are a bazillion other things to share and this has turned into a book so I leave with this. Thank you to all of you who are out there sharing and thank you to all who are backing the Center. I am wary of listing all the people I am grateful to because invariably I forget someone important. So, if you know me be sure you recognize yourself and what you contribute to our Spiritual Growth here on Planet Earth.

Love and Backing, Diana Ringo