One of the last Books pulled together, while the Founder was alive, was “Transition to Self”.  This is a Gateway to the Business World program booklet.  Here is a piece for your regrouping and inspiration.

The late Dr. Francisco Coll

Transition to Self

Chapter 5:  Transition to Affluence

You are the sum total of every experience you have had through time. You are transitioning and evolving as a part of your opportunity here on planet earth. You have contracted to help others in their transition by being an example. They are your apprentices. You are a part of teams of spiritual leaders who have come to planet earth to help in the major transition that has begun. Your opportunity is designed to use the highest aspects of yourself that you have refined throughout time.

Transition is a feeling of joy moving forward in cooperation with the universal flow. Transition is a state of non-resistance. It is frictionless and effortless. It is living life a breath at a time with no need for approval. It just is a process- the great adventure of being a cooperative part of a greater whole. Transition supports the expansion of our beingness.  It is ever moving and ever-changing. Transition is being one with all things, experiencing no separation from self or others.

Stagnation is the opposite of transition. There is no evolution. There is no movement. There is no change. There is no opportunity. There are no beginnings or endings. There are no apprentices and nothing to learn. Nothing is dynamic or in motion. There is no adventure, no joy, and no opportunity.

The choice between the two is obvious. No one would choose stagnation. So why do we allow stagnation to happen in our lives?  We try to control people in order not to experience transition in ourselves or others.  We fall into the trap of prestige, forcing ourselves to keep creating an identity outside of ourselves that is not real.  This leads to the endless repetition of creating an identity that forces us to remain stagnant.  Because we fear real involvement and commitment, we do not take a risk.  We compete or resist working in teams with other dynamic leaders.

The systems are created for us to express ourselves freely.  If we turn the systems into a religion, we cannot feel what we are doing for ourselves.  If we create authority figures out of the people who take opportunity to lead, we will rebel and miss out on the opportunities ourselves. We become a black hole that sucks up all the energy around it by not giving of ourselves and or our wisdom. We have forgotten that a system is there to help us, not limit us. A system buffers us so we can be responsive and share from our true feelings.

The solution is a balance of inflow and outflow.  If we are stagnant within that means we are all bottled up.  We need to outflow so that the energy within can be replaced with new inflow.  We need to release the bad habits we have by joining in teamwork with others.  We know by now that the power of one is one.  People working together in synergy can multiply their effectiveness and growth geometrically.  If working with others is a part of the solution, you need to release your likes and dislikes. This will give you a chance to transition and grow beyond limitations created in the past.

Once you decide to leave your comfy zone, you experience life fully.  The example you set with your transitioning and growth will inspire others to do the same for themselves. Your clear motives of doing it for yourself will help others to clarify their motives and act on their impressions.  Transition takes place in the present.  It requires acceptance of what is, without holding on to anything.  You work with the facts and stay directed in the present allowing your impressions and guidance to show you the path. Life is transition!

It is important to realize that the path of your transition is your own creation. Transition is a road that leads to more and more levels of self-empowerment. As you learn to trust yourself and your instincts you realize the game of life is an adventure.  Life needs to be met head on, joyfully taking opportunities in an ever-widening spiral of experience, which leads to the realized self!

Questions to help clarify Affluence:

Have you ever met someone who looked up to you for help?  What did it feel like to inspire or assist them?  Do you give without expecting?

How would you explain transition to one of your apprentices?

Recall an experience when you resisted change, or self-direction.  How did it feel? What were you finally forced to do?

What is it like to be a part of a team?

How important is it to have clear motives while in transition? How “Comfy” are you with your habits and your environment?