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The energy to expand personally and professionally is at hand.
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“Everything that is here, is for your benefit.  All the challenges would not be possible if not for the solutions within you.  In other words, it is all a means to an end and you are here to do something great.  Truly know when to play-the-game,  and how to enjoy the process – that is part of your purpose and part of your plan.  This spiritual year is a year of fusion.  All that is needed to harness it is your willingness to channel it.”  Tiger Coll


Your spiritual life effects everything you do and it is the only thing you will have when you go.  That is what his program is all about; Being the crystal clear You, so that you may fulfill your purpose in all you do and with all you meet.

You cannot give what you do not have.  If you are not fully respecting, loving and enjoying yourself, than the only thing you share with others is an intellectual “idea”, instead of what it really is.  Be consistent in yourself and everything will line up.

“We must fall in love with ourselves.  I don’t like myself.  I’m crazy about myself.”

Mae West

Here are the areas that will be covered during this program –
  • Clarifying your spiritual & material goals for this Spiritual Year.
  • Creating a spiritual road-map for navigating life’s challenges and opportunities
  • Attracting Spirit and energy with enthusiasm.
  • Experience the new Wayshowers Universal Home Study program.
  • Personal and individual spiritual regrouping.
  • Personal expansion and growth Techniques.
  • A Snap-shot of the upcoming 2022 International Regrouping.
  • And having fun, fellowship and camaraderie while regrouping.
  • plus more … 

***The two locations for this program***


18th – 19th September
in New Jersey

Saturday 9 to 6
Sunday 9 to 4
Location 375 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ

23rd – 24th October
in Las Vegas

Saturday 9 to 6
Sunday 9 to 4
Location 5500 South Eastern, Las Vegas NV 89119

Registration: $300

Prerequisites: To have experienced 1001: Orientation Profile, and recommended to have experienced 1002A: Blockage Discovery Profile and 1003A: Glandular Profile.

Special Notes –

  • If you inspire 15 or more people to attend in your area, Tiger will bring the program to you.
  • Unless otherwise mandated, face coverings are optional and at the individuals comfort level.