by: Esther Karhu

I remember my mother telling me her friend, a woman, was the manager of the local bank. I was in elementary school at the time, in the 50’s. At that time the only women I saw with jobs were either teachers, nurses, or secretaries, but here was a new idea. I said to myself I would love to be able to do that, be a bank manager, but I also thought I would never have those skills.

Fast forward 20 years and I had just graduated from college with a degree in psychology, which got me no where. I went to work for a temp agency that would send me out even though I was a terrible typist. One job they called me about was to stuff envelopes for $3 an hour. I almost said never mind, but something told me this was a good idea, so I went. It was at a bank. They liked me and asked me to head up the project, which I did. After the project was over they asked me to work with an incentive campaign they had going on. When that was over they asked me to join their management trainee program.

I had no accounting, banking or finance in my background, but did end up as a manager of a branch office which lead to many opportunities. My point here is just having a desire and a willingness to follow what felt right got me where I wanted to go.

“Thoughts are a dynamic, alive force. There is life to thought that has feeling behind it. The balance person of wisdom who has a feeling for every thought, builds with every thought they have. His or her thought is the radiation of life that reaches out and touches everything in his or her environment.

Thoughts start with a feeling that is stimulated by something from outside such as a word, an experience or a vibration. The feeling then goes to the intellect for interpretation and organization into a thought. If there is an inner feeling for the thought, it automatically creates. Your state of consciousness sets the pattern for your thinking and feeling, so it sets the pattern for your creations.

What you create is up to you. If you keep your energy and thoughts positive, then your creation will be positive. If you let yourself become negative or confused, then your creation will be destructive, both to others and yourself. How much of your creation is positive and constructive? Remember, you are the one who creates the environment around you, your relationships with people and the opportunities you are involved in.”

Excerpt from Astro Soul Home Study Program
Written by Dr. Francisco Coll

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