The College has “beta launched” an online Free and Paid Lecture, 2nd night and Home Study titled ‘The Spiritual Freedom Series.’

This new service is housed in a new online course delivery software and is set up for searchers to experience through a leader’s referral. The college can issue you a referral code that your prospects and clients can use so the system knows you inspired them to invest. You will receive a 40% commission when you inspire someone to invest in these new services and products.

This is like inspiring a new person to invest in a book. They invest and you will receive a commission. It is a fabulous way to plug people in, develop an income stream and get them ready for your courses and profiles.

Here are the services available in The Spiritual Freedom Series.

  • The Spiritual Expansion Video Series (Free Lecture)
  • Step 1 – Being the Real You (Paid Intro)
  • Step 2 – Embracing YouR Spiritual Freedom Workshop (2nd night)
  • Step 3 – Spiritual Freedom Home Study Series; Facet 1

You can explore these services and enroll in any of them at

If you are interested in being a part of this, you can communicate to the office at Put “Becoming a Distributor” in the subject line and you will get your referral codes. As a leader, the College wants to make sure everyone who wants to be able to pass on a lecture can.