The fantastic voyage of life on planet earth. It is so full with the emotions that are part of this plane, the desire to understand, the physical inventions, various kinds of relationships and yet the whole reason we are here is for our spiritual growth, our state of consciousness. It is the biggest and most breathtaking journey of all. Am I truly appreciating the wonders of this journey? If not, it might be time to ask my guidance to back me in this area and inspire me with what steps I could take to help me savor each moment of this life. I am here anyway ‘I might as well enjoy it’.

“Spiritually, much of our fulfillment comes from sharing and being of service. It is a common need, part of our fulfillment. Our emotions are part of this sharing or communication. They are the expression of the ‘state’ of our personality. There is a difference between our true feelings and our emotions. Our emotions are what we have been taught to feel. Emotions are learned feelings; they are what we have been programmed to feel. They are a product of the Intellect. They are neither good nor bad – they are just a way of communicating while we are here on planet earth. If we get caught under pressure, our emotions can rule how we live, and work against us. We may even start thinking our emotions are our true feelings. Our true feelings just are. They are the facts of what we are experiencing, nothing more. When we graduate from planet earth or pass on, we do not take our emotions with us, only the wisdom in our true feelings. Our spiritual helpers do not communicate through emotions, only through true feelings. As we mature and grow we have less need for emotions and our fulfillment comes through true feelings.”

Excerpt from New Spiritual Horizons Lecture

“The feeling of purpose and fulfillment returns when we become more organized and get reacquainted with our direction. We feel good and enthusiastic about our life, because this is our adventure into ourself. We realize we can have confidence in ourselves and can release any guilt or doubt of the past. “Whatever I came to do is what I came to do, and no one can do it better than me. Behind us are all the experiences of many lifetimes, and in front of us are the tremendous opportunities of tomorrow.”

Excerpt from the PMM Home Study Program

  1. What is some of the trivia (the unimportant things or thoughts) that fragments your enthusiasm?
  2. Where does this habit come from?
  3. What are some of the things you would like to change in your life and what would you gain from this change?