julia_santiago_blog_postby Julia Santiago, New Jersey USA

While sharing some precious time with my wise granddaughter, Micaela, it came to me to say to her that, “Life is a Game!” Micaela loves to play games as do all 6 year olds. She seemed very interested as I turned to Guidance on how to proceed with the insights I was getting.

I shared with Micaela that life is a game and usually games have rules. The Game of Life must have rules, too. She wanted to know what the rules were. The angels came through with five rules. As I was listing them for her she interrupted me before I could tell her Number 5. “I know what #5 is,” she said enthusiastically…. “It’s Have Fun!” It was exactly what I had heard from spirit.

The Game of Life
1. Listen
2. Be Prepared
3. Be on Time
4. Do Your Best
5. Have Fun!

We discussed each one and posted them in her room. She is reminded to follow the rules at home, in school, and at play with her friends. (Personal, Business, and Social)

Later, as I regrouped our conversation I realized that these rules were meant for me, too. If I listen to inner guidance, am always prepared, in my right timing, and do my best, I can have fun with each assignment in every area of the game called Life! Thank you, angels and Micaela, for giving me a very Intuitive way of approaching my life’s purpose and opportunities. Keeping life simple and fun is easier when I follow the Rules of the Game.