This message is directed towards all Facilitators, Instructors and Consultants in the program, past and present . . .  but is available to all.

Team, we are officially ready for the great leap forward.

We are now in a time where people will be searching more.  The days of dabbling in spiritual growth are closing, and the days of full commitment are opening.  In others, the need is here, and the need will be high.

Spiritual Freedom is our Business.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done, in the background, to prepare for this moment.

While I will not bore you with all the many months (and even years) of time, as well as large resources, it has taken to get here, I’ll simply say it has been a long and challenging road.

And to all of you who have contributed, you know who you are, I sincerely Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

Behind the scenes, there has been the rebuilding of our database to handle this new wave of energy.  This includes –

  • Sign, Manage and View your Instructor Contract.
  • Input your ‘events’, courses, and programs.
  • Access to the instructor notes and slides in the Instructor Portal.
  • Wrap up your courses, with certificates emailed to your participants.
  • Manage your instructor history and past participants.
  • Event entered will be imported to Wayshowers network.
  • WordPress plugin to your WordPress website automatically, upon request.

Features coming soon:

  • 1001 Data Sheet form directly into the new Instructor Portal.
  • All course history, participants, and 1001 data moved from the existing database to the new Instructor Portal.

As a highlight, the College has produced an animated ‘Free Intro” series, as well as an animated “Orientation Lecture” video series.

We have also created an online “Spiritual Freedom Series”.

This includes both the Intro and Orientation Videos, as well as an online ‘2nd-night’ program, and an online home-study program.

Beginning the 1st of January 2022, the College will be making available, through you as distributors and contractors, Lecture videos, the second step and the first of the home study programs.

This means 24-hour-a-day lectures and the ability to share them with millions of people around the world.


Experience the “Free Intro” now.  Click Here





This is a “Game Changer” team!

Our goal of “Reaching 4% with Our Message of Spiritual Freedom” is becoming real.

Additionally, we are nearly complete with a new Wayshowers College Membership. 

This online program includes: the Wayshowers Philosophy, Evolution Calendars, Video sharings of college content and a Course-of-the-Month (through zoom).

This is projected to be available, through you as an affiliate/distributor, by the end of January.

Besides shifting the energy spiritually, you will have the opportunity to benefit from your spiritual business.  We have designed all of this to be part of our affiliate/distributor program; that means 40/60 splits between you and the College for the Videos, 2nd Nights, Home Studies and the Memberships.

And you will be pleased to know, all services and materials will be pointing searchers to group work, courses and profiles; we give direction towards the 6 Steps.

Finally, we value your wisdom & experience.  We are asking you, as leaders, and experienced College participants, to let us know of additional tools and techniques that you believe will add value to the “Spiritual Freedom series”.   We have set up a special Facebook group, “Spiritual Freedom Feedback Group” specifically for the purpose of you letting us know any ideas that would enhance the experience for your apprentices or searchers.   We welcome your constructive input.   

Join the Feedback group.


Alternatively, you can also email us directly with your feedback at  Title your email, “Spiritual Freedom Series Improvements”.

We will keep you up to date in both our periodicals, but you can expect the College to contact you directly on how you can gain affiliate access and be part of this wave of energy.

Team, keep yourself cleansed and directed.  Stay crystal clear with Guidance.  And start tuning into the needs of your apprentices, particularly the ones you haven’t met yet.

You have done the work, now is the time to enjoy “Helping people help themselves.”

See you soon Team,