Regional Retreats Presented by Inner Peace Movement International Brings an Abundant Feeling of Teamwork

Teamwork: A Total Commitment of Concern

The Regional Retreat is poised to help you learn the difference between “Good” and “Great” while experiencing how consistency of teamwork and follow-through refine your keys to success.

As you discover the fulfillment of being of service, you will discover your true leadership potential. Attitude has everything to do with your success, so you will have an opportunity to look more closely at those that may affect doing what you came to do as a soul.

An abundant and deep regrouping of your personal, business, and social energy will help you clarify your direction so you feel confident moving towards 2017.

PRICING OF REGIONAL RETREAT: Reflects membership with Inner Peace Movement International. Everyone can participate in instructing. Regional Retreat guidelines apply.  Course certification does not apply. The non-profit will set up pre-registration and registration information to send out.

$70.00, Non-Member; $60.00, Participating Member; $50.00, Board of Directors

SUGGESTED SCHEDULE FOR REGIONAL RETREAT – Two day course: 5 three-hour sessions plus instructor/officer/leadership meeting first day for organization. If you are interested in hosting a Regional Retreat in your region contact

PROPOSED TIMING:regional-retreat