"Spiritual Energy flows in bands throughout the world." - Francisco Coll

“Spiritual Energy flows in bands throughout the world.”
– Francisco Coll

The Spiritual Year tracks the global cycle of seasonal energy. September is the time when Spirit allocates the energy for the coming 12 months, and we see what we have to work with during the next four seasons, as the Earth makes its annual circle around the Sun, the source of all energy here. Spiritual Searchers and Wayshower’s are oriented toward always being at least three months ahead in their direction; observing the September-August spiritual year in tandem with the January-December calendar year keeps us looking at the Big Picture and gives us a good head start on the physical world.

This is a long-shared Northern Hemisphere cultural tradition that recognizes fall is the time of reflection – when summer’s fruits are waning but before the repose of winter has set in. September is filled with promise and there is a crisp excitement in the air. A sense of freshness and anticipation accompany the “beginning of the School Year” every early fall.

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