‘Everybody is looking for that “new” sensation!!’

sensation-belgium-2013That new outfit looks sensational and it feels great to wear! A massage and warm bath can feel so relaxing you may just want to melt away. Your favorite sporting team just had an exhilarating win, yet your friend is in the corner feeling devastated from his team’s monumental failure.

For the gambler, are the sensations more intense around the glory of the win or the despair of loss?

Do you allow uncompleted jobs to build up into ‘crisis management?  Do we get that adrenaline rush to complete the project till almost exhausted, and then seek that elation, once finished?

Is there a slight tendency toward thinking we must create worry or anxiety about ourselves, our work, our partners, or children to be deemed a “good and responsible” person?

How do we get involved in the heightened sensations of birthdays and festive events? Is there a build-up of elation or disappointment from what I think I deserve, or what someone else got or what I feel I must do to please others? Does it tend to turn into a slight glory trip because I have the money to shower other people with presents or things, and maybe find myself too busy to give them a hug and say some kind supportive words which, we all appreciate?

With drugs and alcohol, people gain that short-term heightening or repression of the body and senses. But if we can’t moderate the behavior, a tendency toward long term despair, anger and manipulation of others can eventuate. That up and down physical and emotional roller coaster ride may create the appearance as if life is happening, but it’s the same baggage every day but in a different meal wrapper.

The nicest kinds of sensations tend to come from the ‘love vibration’. We know this is deeply connected with the physical area of sex and sensuality. ‘Falling in love’, seeking pleasure and joy for myself and others is a big part of the continuity of our life process. Our senses become more alive. In turn, being more relaxed and comfortable can lead to a greater sense of belonging and involvement with family, friends, and community.

The sensation of perceiving energy, of seeing an aura and noticing the thoughts and feelings of other peopleuniverse tends to be a little subtler when we start delving into the area of the sixth sense. The sensation of chills or ‘goosebumps ’on our body are a sure sign that spirit (guidance, angels) is close. This is where spiritual cleansing is highly beneficial to help maintain your buffer zone of positive, creative active energy.  It is important when working with spirit to have that reassuring sense of faith or belief in yourself so you can interpret the messages in a relaxed, clear state. Regular spiritual regrouping through involvement in courses, lectures and group work, aid in keeping this continuity for you to be a clearer channel for yourself and others.

The healing of souls and the clearing of energy patterns that can affect us is where Trance Healing is of benefit.  I asked a friend of mine what ‘sensation’ means to him.  He said, regarding a Trance Healing Table he attended, that, ‘it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders’. He said, ‘I awake better and I sleep better!’ He also mentioned that he had a sore knee bothering him for quite a few months. The soul that came through the session, had been shot in the leg. Once we cleared up the situation for the soul to leave, my friend said his knee has been fine ever since. And that is sensational!

So, stay relaxed, give people a good feeling hug and have a sensational festive season!