by: Amanda Jackson

My own personal rhythms and routines work within the framework of the society in which I live. After all, I brush my teeth twice a day because society has taught me to do so. On the macro level I live on a small blue sphere floating in space.  Space, the stars, and planets have their rhythm and routine and I work within that framework, too. I go to bed at a certain time because its dark and wake up in the light of day at some point to live and work in my community.



Operating in my physical world as a soul has been challenging and full of growth opportunities.  I cherish each moment and know each feeling a take with me when I transition from this life. Although in the mist of the experience I can be torn, confused and flat out wonder how I got here.  Always in the end I can and I will see the value so that I may grow from the experience in a tangible way.


Recently, I have started teaching my oldest daughter to drive. Which consists of me asking her when she wants to drive and then me handing her the keys, trusting she will get from point A to point B. Sharing my wisdom along the way, of course, blinker is here, telling her she is hugging the white line, and generally speaking trying not to die or crush her spirit. I jest, but really its quite the thing to hand over the keys to someone else and trust this experience will be meaningful.


This experience with my daughter reminds me of my guidance. I have enlisted them in my opportunity here and given them the master blueprint. I have the keys and they have my soul’s intent, giving me little (sometimes big nudges) in the right direction.  Not to mention I have blinders on and my ears full of cotton half the time. This is quite the adventure we are on together and I am so happy that I know of them. That I can communicate with them in a conscious way after years of struggle. To say it is a blessing does not quite do it justice. Perhaps to say that it’s my divine right I have claimed for myself can begin to reveal its magnificence.


So, I have taught my daughters about their guidance, I teach clients and anyone who will listen, because it means that much to me. To know I have an inner guidance system I can rely on, means I am using my spirit guides, my wisdom from past lives and my wisdom from this lifetime. To know the intelligent energy that is me, has master souls backing me will always be an amazing gift received from working with Wayshowers College.  I will always move more and more towards the truth that is my unique energy pattern, I feel, hear, see and know more than I let on and that makes my experience in life magical.