ipmi_expansionbanner_10000_branded_digitalsharing-01Ever since the International Regrouping in February, I have been inspired to reconnect with my experience and training in Inner Peace Movement® Programs as well as my involvement with IPM nonprofit; and since 2001, Inner Peace Movement International, Inc. You have heard the saying, “Timing is EVERYTHING,” and this time in my life and others’ also, is a quickening and re-enlivening of spiritual purpose. The time for IPMI to take action after years of development and infrastructure building is NOW.

Consciously, I hadn’t considered myself a candidate for IPMI President; and yet Spirit and other leaders saw differently.

Just recently, I spent more than 3 weeks in Iowa releasing old concepts of me, practicing my leadership as camp manager, as crew chief of the PCCI-sponsored first week of Summer Camp, and as an officer and/or board member of the Alliance of Spiritual Organizations nonprofit corporations. I am aware of what it takes to be a leader of leaders, and I want nothing in my concepts and communication to get in the way. Joyfully and Mountain-to-Mountain, my commitment is to usher in a new era defining and expanding IPMI services to current and future leaders.

Here is a synopsis of a dream I had in early June:  It was a dream that awakened and inspired me to share with the IPMI Board and Francisco David Coll.  The dream began with me being aware that I was on a team with others involved in a large project on a conference center; it was a road project in which there were already high barriers and curbs along portions of it as well as uncovered ground. While we were working, the founder Dr. FRANCISCO COLL came over and stood behind me pointing at the curb and narrow road, and said, “You’ve got to break that up; get rid of the some of this, open the way; widen the road.”

To me, the dream had both inner and outer meaning…I share it because the dream was not meant for me alone.fireworks.green

Inner meaning of dream: some rigidity and narrowing of concepts, set beliefs about life and business; the result is restricting outflow.  Some of the old thinking is: (1) that we have to do it alone- a Lone Ranger vibe, (2) fear of success – losing interest in what I came to do; allowing the intellect to drive or suppress inspiration, (3) losing faith; losing confidence, (4) getting comfy,  (5) likes and dislikes, (6) personality, (7) fear of change.  The result has been isolating ourselves; forgetting how we were attracted; and forgetting the values, and policies with which we were trained: to discern and work with the soul; seeking out people with whom we have contracts to give opportunity; seeing and sensing the potential in others, and connecting them with the spiritual system co-created with Spirit.

Perhaps you can relate to some of the 7 signs of separation above. There is a need to break apart the walls and limits I and others have unconsciously or consciously attracted.

Outer meaning of dream: Bring out the system, shake it off, evaluate it in light of today’s world; the means of communication in society (media and technology) to discern where it needs to be updated or revolutionized to meet needs; to re-engage working with the plateaus of consciousness. It means to break apart old methods that no longer serve our spiritual contracts; and remodel or revolutionize a system to find and develop spiritual leaders of tomorrow. There is a need to apply to the spiritual system what we have learned re: today’s world including technology so we can become a LIGHT RAIL attracting our apprentices and giving them opportunity to grow into spiritual freedom, practice their leadership, and expand into leaders in society with strong values and inner loyalty, fulfilling their purpose in their lifetimes.

How to manifest this?Dorinda Fox IPMI President

  • Recognize the need and the current condition
  • Recommit to our life purpose in reaching leaders of leaders
  • Work with Spirit and others to rebuild and implement a system for rapid expansion
  •  Dedicate ourselves to making it happen, working with teams, utilizing our skills, innate abilities, and inspiration to strengthen our own leadership; find the new wave of leaders and fulfill our contracts this lifetime.

Attracting the next wave of leaders (IPM) was and is always the first priority; and following up with offering opportunities that bring out individuals’ spiritual leadership, practicing discernment through their sensitivity, working with SPIRIT and changing energy in environments; using spiritual cleansing through practice in roles that helped us discover our own niche, practice our leadership and working together with others in an organized system of services and communications: (light rails); and the spiritual system to grow through the plateaus of  awakening, apprentice, journeyman, and affluent levels of consciousness.

If you have not yet seen Francisco David Coll’s message to the IPMI July 4 Annual Meeting, I urge you to go to IPMInternational.org, and click on the video link. Take the time to view and hear all of his experience and insight. His is a clear communication of the current times of our lives and in the cycles of spiritual leadership, and the cycles of planet earth. His message answered questions that my dreams have been highlighting.

If you are inspired to be part of the new wave of spiritual leadership in which we can all accomplish more together as teams than we can alone (without sacrificing our loyalties and freedom), contact me at dorindafox@ipminternational.org. Let’s widen the road, open the way!  There is opportunity for everyone!