sharna-ogradyThe more I travel through life, the more I realize that clear motives are an area of confusion which sadly, in this world, lacks understanding and simplicity.

With the dimensional shift on Planet Earth, all things that are not truth will surface over the next 12 years to polish, demolish, shape up, disregard, abolish, change or disappear from this paradigm… and of course there will be growing pains as this occurs.  From above we are a shining light ball shimmering and glowing, waxing and waning as we all awaken to this upgrade.  All is good in it’s perfect timing.

We have been given the opportunity to refine ourselves in a way that has never been accomplished before throughout eternity.  It is breaking new ground; it is a wonderfully pioneering, spectacularly exponential growth and expansion of all states of consciousness, including the vegetation and animal life.

As this upgrade is happening every person in this realm in their own timing has the opportunity to examine and clarify their inner loyalties and responsibilities to self, family, friends, work and society… where do they best fit… what is their business… what is their personal direction and fulfilment in the chaos of this now time?

We are learning to be Earth Angels; to have clarity, to be our grandest self, to aid others, to be of service to self, mankind and Gaia.

  • to come from our hearts
  • to tell the truth
  • to minding our own business
  • to being transparent at all times
  • to being accountable to ourselves
  • without the drama
  • cover ups
  • dishonesty
  • illusions
  • competition
  • greed
  • lust
  • envy
  • jealousy
  • saving others
  • wrath
  • holding back
  • excuses
  • pride
  • staying small
  • protection
  • the past having power over us
  • to being fulfilled and satisfied
  • to being grateful for our opportunities and relationships
  • to co-create our grandest dream
  • to care for our fellow man and environments
  • to be at peace with our creations
  • to learn from and grow from our creations
  • to simplify and streamline our lives
  • to add to the collective on every level at all times
  • to live in the moment, the glorious NOW.

Through our training we have complicated our lives with false understanding of motives.

Three areas which do need to be looked at are:

Devotion * Power *Glory

Sounds simple, right!

Some examples of Devotion are:

  • Going somewhere you don’t feel good about because of ‘family responsibility’ or ‘obligations’ or ‘tradition’
  • Always going to the same shopping centre or gym or church
  • Paying for your children’s experiences
  • Always being the sacrificer
  • Needing permission to create or do
  • Going out of your way to help others when they can do it themselves

Some examples of Power are:

  • Telling lies to the boss about another employee to get the promotion
  • Enforcing your rules on everybody
  • Judging others
  • Nobody can do it as well as you can
  • Creating a web of deceit for drama
  • Dismantling anyone else’s creation
  • Violence and Anger

Some examples of Glory are:

  • Saving people from what you believe is not ‘good’ for them
  • Being a do-gooder
  • Being the know it all that people come to for advice
  • Being left out
  • Fighting for causes that do not affect you in any area
  • Soliciting friends, money, ideas etc. from others and claiming them as your own.

If you are having trouble in any area of your life, it can be traced back to one of these three out of balance motives.

It is not them; it is not they; it is not others or environmental; IT IS IN YOU, otherwise it would not surface.  It is your responsibility to eliminate it through pulling out the rotten tooth…. to dig it out, to find the source of the mis-training, to replace it with what you want.  Reprogram your own computer so that trouble leaves.  This can happen overnight if you dissolve it from the source.

If you want to delve deeper into this area of motives I highly recommend the Astro-Soul group work.  Over a 10 week period all motives are clarified through a balance of techniques, personal consultations and in-depth courses.

Cheers, Sharna