I received an email from Jim. He had Google searched for me, found my website with my email address and wanted to know if he could get an appointment on meeting his Angels.

I called Jim and spoke with him. Jim has a stuttering issue and wanted his Angels to heal this. It has been with him since he was very young. I told him I could not guarantee a healing but that knowing your personal team and understanding your spiritual gifts can be a healing in itself.

We made a appointment for April 1. Jim did not want to use a credit card, Skype services or over the phone. He is old school. He needed a face to face appointment. So we secured a venue.

April 1 came. I waited for Jim. Jim did not show up for his appointment. I started thinking maybe someone played an April Fool’s joke on me. I called his phone number no answer. I left the venue in disbelief. He seemed so genuine on the phone. Hours later Jim called me explaining how sorry he was in missing his appointment.

He took the bus as Jim does not drive anymore and forget to put my number in his contact list. Jim had transposed the street address numbers and had gotten lost. He then took the bus back home. He apologized and wanted to pay for my time anyway. I talked to Jim and told him that if he felt secure we could have this service over the phone, Skype because he had told me he had a Skype account. He said he wanted to think about Skype. We made a appointment to speak again the following Monday on his decision. Jim was tired from all the activity of being lost. I told him just rest for today. It will be OK. We will talk next week.

Jim called me back 45 minutes later to say he googled me again and found that I was hosting a Meet and Greet Event at a holistic center to introduce my services to the public. He said he was planning on attending and that he was bringing the money to pay for the time he had missed his appointment. I now clearly gave him the directions, asked him to please put my number in his contact list and call me if he got lost.

Knowing now he is very determined and will be taking the bus system. I also told him after the event, he and I would sit down and I would give him his Orientation Profile. He agreed to everything. I have to pay attention to Jim due to his impediment.

The next day Jim arrives about an hour after the event started. I was delighted to see him. We finished the event which Jim really loved being a part of. He especially liked the technique and sharing portion.

He got his Orientation Profile, an Intuitive, but while I was working with Jim I began to notice Jim was not stuttering in our conversations. He had not noticed. I said Jim are you realizing when you are cleansed and relaxed your speech is just fine. You are getting a healing. He agreed he was.

Being relaxed and cleansed with our Guidance was the healing he was looking for. Jim is 83 years traveling this lifetime on the Earth and he is my gem in the desert. He also gave me my own healing.

by April Azzolino, Las Vegas, NV