Continuity of Your Events

Put your event on the website.  Investing a little time to Post your event will build energy Before, During and After your program.

Access Procedures to Add Events

We are setting things up so the information you input, as well as the participants, will automatically build your business and the whole programs.  Not only will your program get amplified to multiple websites, but your energy will become global.  Do not take for granted the reality that, your apprentices, in different countries, will find you in unusual ways.  This includes looking at one of our sister program websites.  That is the power of teamwork.

Another powerful tool is:  There will be simple but powerful ‘auto responders’ for new people, based on the event they attend.  Imagine the searcher you attract, at a 2nd night program for instance, receives the facts and sizzle of their next steps (groupwork, profile, etc.).   Both you and the system inspire the next step of evolution.

We have already begun this process and by the time you read this we will have it for the NSH Lecture and the 1001 profile.  More on its way!!!

If you need any guidance, contact and we will send you more facts.

So, get all your ‘Events’ in.  It will make a world of difference.

The ‘Me’ in Team

Team up to do program!

Lectures can be more successful if you team up with someone you can grow from. Additionally, Spirit may bring you people you would not have normally attracted through the synergy of that teamwork.

Here are some reminders for your Teamwork:

Cleanse and set goals:  Keep is simple and moving (nothing dawn out).

Clarify who is doing what and what will be the energy exchange (Which part I do, which part you do, which parts do we do together?  Where does the abundance go and when?)

Practice (do dry runs for clarity and avoiding confusion at the event.  Do not assume.  Write it down when everyone is clear.)

1 Hour ahead Minimum:  Set and establish the Energy, and relax. (Being there ahead, with plenty of time, allows you and the participants to meet their needs.)

As for Backing:  Remember to ask for spiritual backing from the Helper backing the city you in, the hospitals and the Helpers of the people coming.

Remember Your Purpose:  You are in the ‘Business of Personal’ … in other words, you are in business.  There is no room for the pettiness of personality, only the needs of the people.  If anything comes up, build a solution on the needs of the people.

Communicate:  The first casualty when there is pressure is communication.  Keep connected, keep it simple, keep it clear.

Have Fun!  This is Everyone’s opportunity (including yours), enjoy it.  Spirit is attracted to enthusiasm.  The more fun you have with your team the more people you will attract.

Tell Spirit you are available for Opportunity and willing to share and be of service.

Good Call

Make calls before and after your program.

Before you can call friends, post on social media and let other leaders know to pass it on.  Be on a ‘mission’ of communicating the facts with your charisma!  There is something special about someone who just wants to share the facts and beauty of the first 3 Steps.

Ask Guidance for new opportunities to communicate and who and where to share with.

After you can call, or reach out, to the people who attended and be sure they got the information on the next program.  Ask if they know anyone who might be interested.  Be sure they know about other services if they are not going to attend.  Follow up later with those that attended AND those that did not make it, there might be another program you could offer to be of service to those people.

Ask Guidance for more opportunities to communicate and who and where to continue to share.

Any call you make is a good call.  The ‘bad’ ones are the ones that never happen.  As you do them, your energy will polish; you will say more with less; you will go deep with just a few words and your presence.  That that will inspire them to do more.

Remember, the Journeyman is the Inspiration and the Apprentice is the Solution.