Energies are all around us living on Planet Earth.

We live in a sea of energies within a solar system. Each year September 1 marks the time when spirit infuses a new theme of spiritual energy through Planet Earth. This coming year MASTERING ENERGY has arrived for all of September 2017 to August 2018. New beginnings are often felt during this time.  Whether it is back to school or the crispness of the air, there is a change of colors in the trees which signifies harvest time. A shift is happening around each of us and through us. The excitement of autumn can be a sense of renewal and reflection.

  • What have I done already?
  • What do I still want to accomplish before the end of the calendar year?
  • Where am I going from here?
  • Where are the area I have grown in and where do I still need work?

This is a unique time.  The theme “Mastering Energy” is an opportunity to re-define patterns in oneself that no longer fit.  When I master my energy, new patterns emerge to serve in the highest good of myself and the universe.

What patterns of energy are you ready to master?

Wayshowers College publishes, each Spiritual New Year, La Familia Nuestra, the LFN Global Energy Calendar.  This calendar provides awareness of the spiritual energy bands that flow through the planet every day.  The online subscription program shows the understanding of those energies and concepts effecting us on the planet.

These insights shared by,
April Azzolino
Certified Spiritual Consultant

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