“an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved” (per the dictionary)

I often ask myself how something is interfering with my Mobility. And, I need to evaluate what I will do about it. After doing these things, I am finally able to get back to the simplicity of my life.

I am aware of what I am seeing but my feeling gift was having a party with me, in one situation, to completely reject, avoid, ignore and try to change what my feelings were telling me.  The only thing that got created was a domino affect of leaning on my intuitive and prophetic gift.  And that was even more confusing because the lack of more quickly making decisions just got harder.

Spending many years on understanding and practicing the channeling through each of my gifts of a situation that requires clarity and decision-making, I realize this routine is vital to staying in motion. Times in my life, I have neglected my own needs to satisfy someone else’s. It can happen so quickly. Said another way, I always followed, even when I knew it was not right and good for me. The simple reason, I understood, was I didn’t want to make waves. Obviously, that attitude does not work for me. When I am leading my life, I am accepting what I feel, willing to communicate as I need, before it gets blown out of proportion. When I forget to do this, my inner communication is going to let me know and I will need to do something about it.

I will never forget how important it is to work with my routines, my spiritual and physical. I can eliminate wasting my time by asking for what I need and then insuring it happens. And that Leap of Faith usually means receiving a consultation. I always know what is going on but to regroup it with someone who is  detached helps me stay relaxed and trust that I will work with the facts that can help me move right back into the natural mobility I have as a soul.

Any uncommitted energy can be resolved by taking a look at it. It does not need to be a big deal, but it does need to be resolved. Since communication is essential, no one leading can afford not to be clear…..inside themselves.

Dawn Overstreet, Atlanta, GA