Patrick and Estelle

by Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small

Hi Fellow Journeymen,

I have enjoyed holding lectures, second night programs and courses over the last few years, including programs in Toronto, Ontario; South Florida and Honolulu, Hawaii.

With my partner, Estelle Small, we do our plan, book the meeting rooms, etc. Then we often concentrate our energy on promotion to get “bums in seats” or to connect with people online. In addition to the commonly used promotion, such as and announcements in local newspapers, etc., we reach most of our attendees using Facebook ads. But I find that it takes considerable know-how to use Facebook ads effectively. Otherwise, a person can spend lots of money without results. It’s usually necessary to have a landing page or an on-line place to send people to when they click on my FB ad in order to find out more and sign up on an e-mail list or pay for a program, etc. (Now, having an e-mail list is another topic, but I will not get into that here.)

Some of you have already used landing pages, Facebook ads and other internet marketing strategies. If you have found good ways that work, feel free to share them with us and others. But, for most people getting into FB ads, I do recommend engaging in training or working with others who have learned the “ins and outs” of this craft.

We may be able to have training sessions as part of IPMI leader training too, but some of the better professional training on FB ads, I often find is the way to go. If you have found other ways that work, in that case, again please share with us all.

Facebook Ads Training

Your landing page is simply a page where people “land” to get relevant information. A landing page is different than a website in that landing pages are focused and designed for a specific marketing purpose. A lead magnet is a freebee also used to attract people, gain e-mail addresses, build relationships. Examples of lead magnets would be a free e-book, free e-publication or report that people can easily download.

Your promotion starts with having a clear, targeted audience and theme that is in demand by the public and a plan for what to offer the people attracted. Of course, two of the main themes used by many leaders doing program promotion have been on angels and being psychic. These have worked well for years, but there are other themes depending on your target audience.

So, these are a few of the steps involved in FB Ad marketing. Some of you know about these and have done these steps already. Others of you may be new to this. I have taken FB ads courses already online and you probably have seen some of them advertised. Some of these courses are probably good and some are not worthwhile.

A Course I Recommend

The best course I found was a Facebook Ads Fundamentals course at He is straightforward and sticks with the main areas needed to get a positive return on your investment (ROI) for FB ads for whatever a person is advertising. I do not receive any compensation for saying this about him or signing anyone up. He cuts out a lot of the fluff and holds back on the advanced stuff that is not needed at first. Rick Mulready is one guy who seems quite on top of FB ads for training. There are probably others, but also some (as I said) that are not so good. Other than that training, there is a FB ads training called Facebook Blueprint. I have not done that, but it is offered by Facebook, itself.

Of course, besides Facebook promotion, there is also Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other ways to promote via social media as you may know. I like to hear from other people who are using various means of promotion successfully (especially when they are getting a positive return, or close to a positive return on the money they invest in the promotion).  I am still working on these strategies and hope to have them working more consistently before long. I will share when I have more helpful things to share.

Dublin, Ireland Lecture

Our Last Few Programs

One specific way we have used FB is to do a FB event for a lecture or webinar. Then, we did FB ads to get people to go to the FB event and sign up on the Event (for the introductory lectures or webinar, etc.). Next, I did a number of comments in the days leading up to the event to let people (who expressed interest in the event) know more about the event coming up. This was to inspire them to actually come to the lecture or webinar, etc. That worked well, but there are other strategies that can work better that I am working on. It, also, again involves doing FB ads and it is good to know how to do FB ads fairly well or they may not work well.

At some point possibly the College may have people to help Journeymen do things like FB ads or other online promotion with a cost involved, I imagine. As you may know, the College has been working on various parts of this over the years with the websites and landing pages, etc.

So I hope to share more about promotion (that works) through more IPMI training or other ways to connect with you. I also hope to hear what you find out. It’s great to have more collaboration in ways to do promotion and also in doing the programs.

Hope that helps the effort.
Patrick Kilhenny, Florida

Journeymen make it fun.

What’s amazing about “journeymen” is that this structure of journeyman, apprentice, craftsman and guilds date back to the 1100s and still exists today! Like, wow! From air conditioning experts, to hairdressers, to bricklayers, these technicians and craftsman have been part of a system of passing along wisdom, inspiration and mastery.

And, here I am a spiritual journeyman of sorts, although I still feel like the apprentice in so many ways. I sure have had heaps of experiences, from the beginning when I naively thought that posting an IPM brochure on a community bulletin board would attract hundreds to a lecture! Well, I found the brochure inspiring, and thought others would, too. Oops. No one showed up.

To launch a few tips, I’ll reference a famous quote that I paraphrase here: “If I have succeeded in anything it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” So, here’s what spiritual giants from Wayshowers College, or journeymen, have taught me over the years along with my own personal experiences:

Keep the deep, agape love for people burning inside

Hawaii Lecture

That love propels me to plan, organize, to work very hard on promotion, to brainstorm and, finally, to share. If that love runs dry, it is time for me to regroup or realize that I am not loving myself.

Maintain my focus on what people need

Yes, and re-check those needs before I proceed with communications and promotion.


I periodically recheck my motives. I need to be doing this work for me and my growth and needs.

Attend other people’s lectures

That’s a tip I learned from the late Nancy Seybert. I always receive a refresh from hearing someone else share and I have backed many leaders over the years.

Think big and keep in mind the big picture

That’s a tip I learned from fellow journeyman Patrick Kilhenny. When I view my programs expansively, I also need to ensure I don’t become afraid. That might be the fear of success.

Acknowledge my need for outflow

I did not arrive at that acknowledgement easily, but I know outflow is essential. The fact is I have a huge need to share and give of myself so sharing in its many forms is important. Luckily, this system of non-profits and departments gives me a wealth of opportunity to outflow. I just sometimes ask myself: “How can I be of service?”

The need for outflow

That need for outflow is one of the reasons I take opportunity as an executive board member with the non-profits. I am inspired by the niche each non-profit fulfills and provides opportunity to others. By working on a team with other leaders and decision-makers, I expand my reach and learn from them.

Always keep an eye out for ways to promote

I can always be communicating. This outreach can include the barista at the local coffee shop, people I meet walking the dog or sharing with old friends. I don’t feel I’ve tapped into a quarter of the potential marketing opportunities available.

I worked with some non-profit organizations in Ontario that represent business, the “care-giving” industry, technology and the academic world. I watched how they promoted and networked using low-cost promotion, so I keep in mind those experiences. I respected their ability to collaborate with each other even if they or the sectors they represent don’t agree. They, too, taught me so much about being resourceful, entrepreneurial and collaborative.

Deepen my awareness of my particular spiritual mechanics

I am excited about deepening my knowledge of the real me and releasing anything that works against it. I am open to insights about my unique mission, vision, values and policies. So, I seek to clarify and purify as much as I can. I am a work in progress. (Sigh.) In fact, the people I attract are a reflection of my state of consciousness.

Be open to unexpected fun!

I remember an occasion many years ago in Pugwash, Nova Scotia where a bunch of us piled into a big car one Sunday afternoon with the founder and went sight-seeing!

On another occasion, Francisco Coll talked with me for hours and hours…and hours. I landed back home in Halifax at 3:30 am and went to work the next day. Now, that was unexpected!

Another time, co-presenting a lecture one extremely cold night in Toronto, a bunch of people showed up when we expected no one due to the cold and the fact that it was just after Christmas. We laughed as we put out chairs.

Take time for appreciation

I am grateful to have been a part of these programs and the lives of fellow journeymen. At some point in this journey of mine, I realized that I set this situation up for myself before I incarnated, and so did other journeymen. That means, these special souls and myself must be strong, well put together and wise energy patterns to chisel out this amazing planetary experience. For all its ups and downs, I marvel at how fortunate I am to be a part of this!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you. Now, go—outflow.
Estelle Small, Florida