The Fear Factor

By Pamela England

pamalaThe subject is not for the faint of heart.  While ‘Challenges’ in life are very real and ever present, fear, is a choice.  You can play in fear, which is a kind of limbo, or rise to the challenge of the opportunity.  The reality is fear, or fears, is an earth-bound concept spawned from greed.  Specifically, ‘the Greedy, me first, me second, me third”.  When fear is controlling and altering people’s decisions you can bet the Greedy side has taken charge.

While there are many written and verbal stories passed down from generation to generation of people overcoming fear,  it is usually followed by catastrophic or life altering events.  People get thrust back to their Needs … and the ‘Bigger Picture’.  There fear melts away.

No one needs  to go through such a harsh transformation in order to achieve peace inside.  It truly is simply returning to being of service, knowing what you’re getting out of it and learning & growing along the way.

People’s fears can become real, but the choice to let them be in control of you ,or you in control of them, is the challenge and choice you make daily in your daily life.  The good news is, the more you do it, the more it gets easier and your decisions are based on your true-needs.

Below are some of the most common fears, the threads and solutions. Fear of Failure

  • Self doubt and Lack of confidence
  • Helplessness and poor little me
  • Worry about what people will think and being Judged.
  • Let the fear take me off my path when I am about to be successful
  • Fear of not meeting other peoples expectations.
  • Fear of not sharing from my true feelings.
  • The feeling of ‘Selling’ something
  • What if it doesn’t work.
  • I have put all this time and belief in what I am doing.  If it doesn’t work then who am I and what have I got to offer.
  • If I avoid it or don’t do it, I will always have the “if only” or “one day”
  • Indulging in ‘Lack’
  • The fear gets me into a numb void space.  Not being able to do anything.


  • Check opportunities and goals with guidance. If it’s my opportunity and part of my purpose, then there is something for me to learn by being involved and there is spiritual backing for me to move forward.  If it checks, do it.
  • Learn what I need to learn to be successful ie replace the fear with I am enough, I can do it, I have all the help I need.
  • Ask for help – from spirit (“Spirit, point me in the right direction and I will get it done.”) and from other people (“I need some guidance.”).
  • Remind myself of past successes. If I did it then, I can do this now.
  • Affirmations
  • Relax and be clear with my motives
  • Cleanse & be in the moment fully.
  • Get myself into a positive and balanced space.
  • Share with maturity. Rise above the pettiness of personality.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as (all) the ‘facts’ are there
  • Make a commitment to do something no matter how small, towards the goal and feel the fulfillment of that step. Then, take that step.
  • When I experience fear, check where it is coming from. Is it me or is it people that have told me I am not capable.
  • Remind myself how good It feels when I have achieved.
  • Remind myself of my thrust of awakening with fulfillment that I get when I do take the challenge.
  • Remind myself that the lesson is in the journey not just the destination
  • Be kind to myself
  • Remind myself that I expect myself to achieve more in one day than is humanly possible and that it is ok if I don’t get everything done.

Fear of Success

  • Feeling unworthy or undeserving of success
  • Guilt about success when it occurs
  • Fear of responsibility
  • Self sabotage eg blowing an interview for a desired opportunity
  • Procrastination
  • Slowing the timing
  • Losing interest when I am about to be successful
  • Fear of change or the unknown
  • There is not enough resources to meet the success I can achieve
  • People are not ready for what I have to offer
  • There is no point, people just don’t want to get it
  • The timing is not right (when they haven’t checked the timing)
  • Biding my time to do my greatest work


  • Blockage profile to pinpoint the fear and where it came from
  • Buffer yourself from the habit
  • Affirmations
  • Regroup the facts immediately when I find myself slowing down or losing interest
  • Give myself permission to change
  • See myself as already successful, imagine how I will feel when I succeed
  • Release self judgment, pressure resentment, laziness and replace with positive attitudes
  • Advanced profiles to release fear, habit, outside influences.
  • Build it they will come
  • If it checks to do it, then do it
  • Trust that spirit will provide the resources as the need requires

Fear of Financial Insecurity/Lack

  • Similar to fear of failure
  • Safe Haven insecurity
  • Not meeting my needs
  • Not putting myself first
  • Takes me away from my life purpose and sharing my wisdom
  • Fear of losing my work has put me under enormous physical and emotional stress
  • Fear of financial insecurity has physically effected my well being
  • Reluctance to spend money and I get upset when money is spent on things I think is trivial
  • Fear that I will not have the money to meet my needs or the needs of the other people that I am responsible for
  • Feeling of not being worthwhile because I am struggling for financial security
  • Not being organized enough to attract money
  • Not doing enough, Not being good enough, Not valuable


  • Make plans for being of service and follow through.
  • Trust myself and spirit
  • Remember I will always have what I need
  • Work with my guidance
  • Breathe and bring it back into perspective
  • What is the worst that can happen
  • Release the need to be needed and in control of everything and everyone
  • Work back through my first blockages
  • A sense of humor can get me through a lot of the fear
  • It comes down to how I think about myself
  • Keep cleansed and buffered
  • Don’t buy into the fear.
  • If I have one negative thought take my mind into a positive direction. Allowing a second negative thought falls into the trap of going down the rabbit hole
  • Use my daily keyword to keep me on track
  • Use my To Do Lists, Goals and Project Boards to keep me on track
  • Keep asking myself when falling into fear and self doubt, what proof do I have that this is true

 Fear of being Ostracized

  • This can often be based on a past experience from this lifetime or previous lifetime.
  • Prestige – being taken out of my power role – I ostracized myself
  • Became insula and separated myself from others.
  • Put my head in the sand so I can’t see it or hear it and hope it will go away.
  • Tend to stay quiet
  • I will look concerned and worried but I don’t ask questions


  • Do 2001 Universal Energy Chart profile on a past lifetime.
  • Work with my guides
  • Put myself back in the position of being with people
  • Use a gentle voice when talking to them

Fear of Rejection/Disapproval

  • This is a form of fear of Judgment.  This stems from childhood blockages or from a past lifetime.
  • Fear or Inadequacy.
  • Dominating personality people can be affected by this and they don’t notice.  I need to be sensitive about people not being at ease with this.
  • When I start to feel frustrated with working with people is when I start to feel the feeling of rejection and disapproval


  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Always walk to the beat of my own drum
  • I don’t care what other people think of me.
  • Routine of the Glandular Therapy technique (especially ‘Acceptance’).

Fear of Demonization

Being afraid to be demonized will manipulate and will talk to other people to gain favor by putting other people down.  If I am afraid of being demonized, look for people that are not getting caught in the game of what other people are doing.


  • Live a life of integrity and mind my own business
  • Do glandular therapy profile – it strengthens me from the inside.
  • It is really important when working with others. Don’t push the envelope.  It takes dedication and commitment but the harder I push myself the harder it is to achieve.
  • Relax, sing and smile while being involved.
  • A suggestion to work with all the above fears is to work with an Affirmation program.

A particular Affirmation such as “I like myself, I love myself “ (singing it and making light of it makes you more relaxed around it and doesn’t make a big deal of it.

Sing this affirmation 300 times a day.   When you hit 300 times a day you will know it.   There will be some resistance to start with but when you get there you will know you have got there.  Day 2 you will then do 300 by morning tea.

You do this affirmation when you are not actively engaged in thinking about something that you need to think about (putting the affirmation in place of the negative head talk).  When the mind is not actively engaged in something, it can get into the bitching.  The affirmation fills that spot instead of negativity.

It is like re-programing yourself.

After a week or so be quite for a period and you will find you hear when you are in the quiet space.

You can also add a second affirmation once you are up to saying the first affirmation 300 to 1000s of times in a day.   The second affirmation is “I am so happy and grateful, now that I am earning $x per mon, in my business or job or bank account” (this could relate to a position I want instead of money).

A personal thank you to the leaders that have participated in this article, Joan Collett, John Shortell, Malcolm Yates, Dorinda Fox and Melissa Kitto.  Your wisdom and sincerity is boundless.

This article was inspired and written in collaboration with Tiger Coll.