Tiger Coll’s Overview of IR 2018

2 Full Weeks + Weekends!

  • Special Workshop Launching New Energy Subscription
  • Buffer Zone Program – A Soul Cleansing
  • Personal Regrouping & Expansion Sessions

Launch into your affluence!

“The Gateway” – 3-Part Program

Part One: The New Calendar Workshop & Training (New)

Experience the brand new training and regrouping tool for the Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Code of Ethics, Guidance Techniques, Chakras and Keys. This program moves from the foundations to the depths of advanced spirituality and empowers you to take it home and pass it on to others.

Part Two: Bufferzone Program (738 E,F,G,H)

These courses are the final steps to the Evolution of the Soul Series. They will guide you to Techniques that truly assist you in mastering your personal energy. Imagine being able to maintain a crystal clear vibration in everything you do. It becomes the highest form of personal spiritual healing and aura cleansing on the Planet.

Part Three: Personal Soul Expansion

You will receive therapeutic releasing, healing and strengthening insights for more precise direction, decision, and unfoldment in mastering YOUR energy.

Check back often for updates on Exact Timing and Location!