Mastering Energy in Puerto Rico

by Tiger Coll | Recorded 01/02/2018

Many have asked Why Puerto Rico? Why Now?


  • Energetic Pivot Point for the ‘New World’ for 100’s of years
  • Go anywhere with this year’s Theme – Mastering Energy
  • Be ‘in’ the Rebuilding and Fresh Start Energy

Beginning in 2019 International Regrouping will be going to places we have never been before, this is The Gateway.

Overview of International Regrouping

2 Full Weeks + Weekends!

  • Training & Refreshing TBA Feb. 10th/11th
  • Special Workshop Launching New Energy Calendar Subscription
  • Buffer Zone Program – A Soul Cleansing
  • Personal Regrouping & Expansion Sessions
  • Training & Refreshing TBA Feb. 24th/25th

Launch into your affluence!

“The Gateway” – 3-Part Program

February 12th – 23rd Part One “Freedom”: The New Calendar Workshop & Training (New) February 12th – 15th

Part I transforms our basics into long-lasting foundations. Its like a workshop that starts with spiritual cleansing, the four spiritual gifts, positive/negative, inner leadership and then grows and expands into new freedoms . If you have ever experienced the ‘Swings’ in your energy then come and get solid. Becoming “masterful” is involvement with purpose! Along with this workshop you will experience the new service and product of the New Spiritual Horizons calendars will be released. And for those of you who are leaders and distributors with the College, you will be trained to do this workshop and sell these calendars. They are tremendous tool for both training and practice of our foundations. How will you be different at the end of Week 1?

  • More fun and inner security in all your soul foundations.
  • The ability to practically and solidly communicate at home or work with anyone, in any situation
  • Imbue your Thrust and energy into your daily opportunities.
  • Feel freer in all your situations.

Part Two “Peace”: Bufferzone Program (738 E,F,G,H) February 16th – 19th

This part is for people who have taken series 738 A-D: Evloution of Mysticism and the Human Psyche and/or 738 D 1-4: Evolution of the Soul. The Buffer Zone Program comes in four 1 day courses: 738 E,F: Puerto Regrouping I & II and & 738 G,H: Balance of Loyalty in My Communication for Eternal Continuity Each of these courses take you deeper into the full purification and 100% expression you and your magnetic field or aura. 738 E & F help you understand the facets of your “buffer zone” that filter energy through Spiritual, Organization, Physical and Direction. You will be dealing with souls in each area that have been with you for lifetimes and the concepts that hold that energy close to you. You will team up with others to experience a Buffer technique that will help you recognize and feel being 100% cleansed. In 738 G & H, you will continue the healing and cleansing of the 4 buffer areas and exactly pinpointing the holes or doors you still leave open to influence. You will learn an Extraction Technique and the Upkeep that you can take home to used daily. Based on ancient techniques, this is the most powerful cleansing skill you will find anywhere. Applying it will alter your life to Mastering Energy.   Part Three: Personal Soul Expansion February 20th – 23rd

This is our classic in-depth, personal regrouping tailored for each individual. Much of the Part III will be invested in this year’s theme – “Mastering Energy.” It is a call to action for you to continue to build energy and working toward your purpose. We will be focusing on the harnessing and wield of your energy. Everything is energy. It doesn’t matter whether something or someone is directing positive or negative energy at you; it is how you work with it that indicates how far you have come. Imagine being able to wield energy for your own benefit, while being of service! If “Freedom” is Part I and “Peace” is Part II, then Part III is truly “Love”. Not the kind of love that is emotional, but the Love that is pure energy. The thing that helps run that body, the thing that makes the sun shine, that thing that helps you fulfill what you have come to do. There can be turbulent energies in the environment. If we aren’t affected directly, we can experience it through the pressures hitting our loved ones, our workplace or our communities. How do we maintain our inner freedom, peace and love? We are “unlimited”, but can easily limit our own reality. We are like a star, with a solar system around it. We will attract the same things until our radiant energy, and the gravity that is produced by it, changes. So, we are going to stretch the boundaries of YOU. How much Fun are you willing to let yourself have? How much Freedom … how much Peace? It is no coincidence you are here now, in this lifetime. We are gathered for a special evolution that only happens every so many thousand years.

The Gateway is here, lets claim the adventure we all signed up for.


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