Sometimes I’ve been inspired by some incident, some song, some phrase, or by the story of someone else’s experience. But more often I have been inspired when I’ve asked for my word for the day and have taken it seriously. When I’ve considered my word and applied it to everything that happened in my life that day. Then it spoke to me.

Years ago at the Big O, on hot summer days, or in pouring rain, or making my way about in snow drifts, I learned so much about recognizing and making use of insights which were meant for me alone. The door was opened when I asked for my word for the day.

That then became my focus for hours, and as I related every experience that day to this special word, deeper meanings came to light. Doors opened. I continued to get insights from every experience, every conversation. By evening, so many doors had been opened.

Using my word for the day did not mean just thinking of another word that means the same thing. It meant keeping the word in mind and relating it to my experience several times a day, stopping to regroup and asking how that word had directed my insight through that experience. Meanings upon meanings gave insights so deep it often brought tears as I realized what that day had meant to me.

Often I roomed with another camper and we closed our day together. We sat down in our pajamas and each shared his word for the day and what we had learned from it. To our surprise, as each shared, we discovered yet a third meaning meant for each of us as our spiritual energies criss-crossed and opened new doors.

I learned that my word for the day was the key to a door that opens and allows my angels to walk with me, as friends do, pointing out wonders to observe and to consider. I took that energy home with me and continued my word for the day adventure.

by Doris Markland, Norfolk, NE