The instructor, in a course I took, directed us to ask our spiritual guidance for a time when we were living our Thrust.  I took several deep breaths and mentally asked my guidance for a time or experience where I was doing just that.  I was immediately taken to a time as a child when I was camping with my family.  I got up early before everyone else and would leave the tent to build a fire.  We were in the High Sierra Mountain range, and even though it was Summer the mornings were very cold at that altitude.  I loved building that fire, early in the morning, before anyone else got up.  I started doing it every morning. After I got this experience I was puzzled for a bit as to what it had to do with living my thrust, which is Life is a Growth Experience.

I realized after some thought, that experience was freedom for me. I got up and was in my own energy doing something I loved to do. I provided a service to myself and others just because it felt good.  This was my growth experience: living and enjoying doing something I had learned to do.  Also, it was about setting my own direction.  This was not something anyone had asked me to do but something I just enjoyed.

There is an excerpt from one of our home studies that applies to this situation:

“When you believe in yourself you respect your true feelings, because you know they are right for you. The confidence that comes from knowing what is right for you is what gives you inner authority.
If you do not have inner authority you will let your feelings be influenced by whatever is in your environment. If someone is around you is sad, you become sad. If people around you are excited, you become excited. Instead of being directed by your true feelings you become like a chameleon, blending with the feelings in your environment. You cannot be a wayshower because you are so involved in the feelings of the crowd that no one is aware of the wisdom and experience you really have.
When you have inner authority, you are a natural healer because anyone who enters your magnetic field or aura will be automatically cleansed. You have your feelings organized and compact so that you do not become involved in other people’s energy. While they are in your magnetic field, their energy will have to meet your level. When the move away they will probably attract those with states of consciousness similar to theirs, yet you have left a permanent impression because they have experienced the feeling of another state of consciousness.”

Excerpt from the Leadership Expansion Home Study Program
Written by Dr. Francisco Coll

To regroup on your own:

  1. What prompts you to have Inner direction?
  2. In what situations do you try to impress others or go along with things that do not feel right for you?
  3. What simple acts do you do just because it feels good?
  4. Could these acts be an indicator of you being in the flow of your niche of thrust?