You are in the process of wanting to act on something.

Yes, it’s possible, feasible even.

And then you realize that you are going to have to get more organized, communicate with more people, promote yourself more and spend more money. Does a little doubt or procrastination then start to fill the head space? ‘What! Before I’ve even started the project?’  Perhaps a little extra spiritual cleansing of self and environment at this point might help.

So, an attitude of ‘Can I do it, Sure I can’, ‘I’m confident and am ready to back myself and others’ is helpful. Yes, some positive affirmations to help us through the day. Surely, it’s better than whining about people and things. As a friend said to me one day, “When you’re complaining about the negativity of a situation – maybe you need to take a step back and realize you are probably helping create more of it, unless you are going to come up with some positive solutions and act on them”. Just read the letters to the editor in our newspapers. Some of them are just an elitist whine, few facts, and no positive solutions. It’s always refreshing to work with people who have that ‘can do’ smile. And I am not talking about the manufactured smiles that some of our avoidance operating, prejudiced political figures move with. Some of them appear to only have self interest in their own ‘boys club’ and do not want to implement change, but seem to hold back that sense of spiritual freedom for all. So, it is important to maintain your own sense of personal integrity. Having a bigger picture of life spiritually can help us in this area. Some of our so-called leaders really lack that, and we all know that money doesn’t make the man (or woman). It may mean they are more organized and directed in one or two areas. But….it is up to you to speak up and be counted. Because you do count, otherwise you would not be here on this planet now to help institute change and enlightenment.

Therefore, the reason something is feasible, is because, you think it is. When we see life as more of a challenge rather than the same old boring stuff, our enthusiasm and sense of fulfillment will lift and propel us on to complete projects and maintain a greater sense of direction in life. Aimlessly drifting around with some sort of vague goal is no fun after a while. This is where the cracks appear and it is easier for spiritual confusion to enter and create further problems for ourselves and others.

Many people are familiar with project boards and checklists. These help the energy of our projects fall into place easier and show where changes can be made and where people can get involved. So, we need Facts and Fun with no Fairytales. Actable facts are the goal.

A person I knew works with the three D’s. Do it now, delay it or dump it. Each weekend he would go down the beach, sit in a quiet place, regroup his week and gain insights for himself from his Angels to help keep him positive and on target with his plans.

So, the energy of Feasible is to slightly stretch your boundaries rather than to stay in the same pattern of personal convenience. ‘Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Yard by yard it’s hard’. You have no limitations on what you feel, think, and create. Can I, do it? Sure, I can! It’s Feasible.

Gavin Greive, Australia