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levelsLa Familia Nuestra®

Part of mastering yourself includes mastering your energy and the impact of those we live and work with. Most people have trouble either with people or the environment. We live in a sea of energy and concepts that can work for us or against us when we don’t understand how to flow with a bigger picture.

We need to be aware of the different energies because each requires more planning and goals to effectively work without big ups and downs or unexpected pitfalls. We may need more detailed direction, agendas, and goals at times. Otherwise you may waste a lot of opportunity and energy and/or move in the wrong timing.

Spiritual energy is another form of money, backing, and fuel.

Some energy is more relaxed; a good time to plan or set new goals and direction. This is when you don’t want to waste this more casual time.

There will be a time when energy is great for taking time out for you to regroup yourself spiritually, materially and physically. Physical projects in your home or office are a means to keep you grounded and to get new insights from spirit.

LFNBoxDesc2Sometimes the energy is about fun, family and often falls on weekends or holiday times. You may find it a bit challenging to focus on business during this time.

To get the most from La Familia Nuestra you need to be involved in life and directed. It also helps to have spiritual and material direction, objectives and agendas on a routine basis.

With three Levels you can participate in, you will find what you need based on your goals, along with the support you need to master working with them.