Thanksgiving Retreat in Iowa

 “The Spirit of Sharing:  Mastering Energy Through My Four Spiritual Gifts”

This extended weekend offers you an opportunity to regroup your energy and refresh your momentum as you continue  the journey of “Mastering Energy”  in this Spiritual New Year.

Highlights of being in Iowa include the incredible high vibration of the place, all the backing and the beautiful atmosphere of friendship and acceptance!  Kate Rusko

I have been to many “spiritual camps” over the years, but none that come even close to the amazing experience that I had at the Conference Center!  Teresa Navarro

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Experience Astro-Soul Course 706-A: Spiritual Dynamics – A Comprehensive Adventure in Expanding Your Four Gifts.  Enjoy the fellowship of groupwork as you share with and gain insights from others of your First Gift group (Prophetics, Visionaries, Intuitives, or Feelers) as you unfold a more masterful communication with yourself and others.

  • Tune into the dynamic, unique qualities of your four spiritual gifts in your inner communication system  (Prophecy, Vision, Intuition, and Feeling).
  • Clarify the strengths in each gift that support your inner freedom, self-understanding, love and oneness, clear direction and greater fulfillment in life.
  • Learn about the spiritual gift that may throw you off in embracing new challenges, the gift that goes after solutions, and how your four gifts support one another.
  • Find ways to strengthen your self-esteem and inner security, and throw off old and unwanted patterns in your life.
  • Expand ways to keep your energy high and your physical body relaxed, for greater health and well-being.

Daily Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 23 – 3 pm PCC Healing Fellowship  –  Celebrate the spirit of Sharing in the gentle, empowering energy of Peace Community Church. Enjoy a fellowship with your inner guidance as you share inspiration, healing music, energy techniques, soul-to-soul communication with your spiritual family.

5 pm – Thanksgiving Dinner  –  Enjoy the harvest of food from the Center garden, and a traditional, Midwestern, Thanksgiving Feast. Extend the celebration with a fun, interactive evening Fellowship. (pictionary, joke-telling, charades, anyone?)  $15 – includes dinner & evening refreshments. 

Friday, Nov. 24
6am-6pm  –  1001: How To Administer The Orientation Profile – Fee: $1300/first time (must submit interest to Wayshowers College in advance); $500/refreshers; $250/lifers.


6am-6pm  –  7006: How To Administer the Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling Quali-Graph Profile. Prereq:  Be a 1003A Consultant, experience AS Crs. 706-A* (or be preregistered). Fee: $2000/first timer; $500/refreshers/$250 lifer.

One of the most profound consultations I decided to offer others. Why? Because it gave me a gauge in which to see how I was working with and better work with my spiritual gifts. It showed me how I work with others also. I wanted to understand how to have better communication and Share more clearly and honestly.  This consultation will open your eyes to exactly what you do well, not so well and how to solve it. Astro Soul is about deep and gentle healing.   Dawn Overstreet

7:30pm  –  Astro-Soul Trance Healing Tables – “A” & “C” Tables are available.


Saturday, Nov.25
6am-6pm  –  1002A: How To Administer The Blockage Discovery Profile / 1st Time & Refreshers – $1300/first time; $500/refreshers; $250/lifers.


Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 25-26
Sat, 9am-6pm & Sun, 9am-4pm
706-A: Spiritual Dynamics: A Comprehensive Adventure in Expanding Your Four Gifts
Prerequisite: 1001 Orientation Profile  Fee: $116

Sat, 8pm  –  Wayshowers Community Fellowship & Evening Corporation
Enjoy a heart-filled evening of unique, fun, creative techniques and healing activities.

Enjoy the new and expanding environment of the International Conference Center. Address: 1447 Highway 69, Osceola, Iowa.
Meals and dormitory lodging are available.
$25/night lodging; $25/day meals ($7.50/brkft, $8.50/lunch, $9.50/dinner). Remember Thanksgiving dinner is $15.
To REGISTER and for more information, call 800-336-8008 or 202-888-1752.
Sponsored by Wayshowers College and Wayshowers Community Fellowship
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