By April Azzolino

Often, after I have come back from Summer Camp, I do not know my direction. This was my case again this summer. Since my own energy has just had a renewal I am reorganizing my soul. What are my needs? What are the needs of the people I serve in my spiritual business? What programs will be fulfilling for the both of us? Sometimes this takes weeks for me, in getting a hunch and feeling for which I find I have to have lots of patience with myself as I am having a internal dialog with spirit. Then the day comes.

One day I was reviewing programs, mini-courses, and I saw a program I had never taught but trained on a couple of years ago; an immersion workshop, “Mastering My Psychic Energy.”  I read the instructor notes and started sensing I was spiritually ready to instruct this full day program. I really wanted just three or four people only to have a once over before I ever made it public. I asked spirit what do I charge? I heard $65.00.  Now who to invite?

April's Immersion Workshop graduates!

April’s Immersion Workshop graduates!

I asked individuals who attended a Winter 2016 NSH Groupwork if they would like to gather for appetizers, cocktails and socialize on how are lives where going. We shared ourselves and while doing that, I shared I had a immersion course and a very special pricing of half off for anyone who wanted to attend this once ever opportunity. Two individuals committed instantly.

Next, someone from Facebook who in the 80’s was involved in the IPM programs found me and I invited her to Starbucks for coffee. Over coffee we shared many insights and I shared about this immersion workshop. She told me she would love to be apart of the immersion workshop. A few days later she asked me if a friend could also come who had been a part of IPM also. I replied Yes. Now I have four committed.

I had made an Eventbrite event I was giving in August. A new attendee was coming too. That day she texted me her dog got sick and was not able to come. I ask her if she would like to meet for coffee sometime in the future. I always love to share what my programs are all about. We made a coffee date. We got to know each other and then I shared about my immersion program. I sensed she was an old soul with a young body. She committed in coming. A few days later she texted me she wanted to invite a friend too. Now I have six people committed. It is growing.

I had contacted another individual for coffee who had recently had a lot of personal private consultations and I wanted to see how she was doing. Over coffee I shared my immersion workshop and she decided she was ready to go deeper in her spiritual evolution. A few days later she emailed me that she wanted her friend to come. I asked her to have her friend call so I could check her energy.  Now I have eight people committed.

During this time I had sent some private messages and emails to people I thought would have interest. Four more individuals hopped on this event. One gal drove from St. George, Utah, two hours away. Kathy says, April, “I always know I will grow when I attend your workshops.” It is never a waste of my time.” I appreciate hearing this to my core.

Twelve people attended my largest event yet. By building myself and my business, some of these individuals went and promoted me to their friends. Step by step, brick by brick.  A few wrote me a few days later and here are their words, “Your workshops are always inspiring.” I learn how sensitive I really am.” “Thanks for the excellent 5 star workshop, keep up the great work.” “Your workshops really speak to me and I know myself better and expand.”

What I learned during this process? I have value, my programs have value, and spirit backs me when I wait for the hunch, the feeling. I am growing, evolving by doing this work one brick at time.