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1:00 pm
Open the door to discovering your real home, spiritual gifts, psychic sensitivity, balance between your physical and spiritual worlds, inner guidance, seven year cycles and find your true purpose in life. Many people who come[...]
2:30 pm
Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons is a three hour interactive workshop where you will experience for yourself some of the concepts you heard about at The Real You presentation. Experience eight different sensitivity techniques that[...]
9:00 am
International Conference Center, Osceola, Iowa   Peace Community Church Week, June 26-30 Unstoppable Waves of Healing  Courses for PCC Week – Sponsored by Peace Community Church International       Operation Action Opportunity, Sat &[...]
International Conference Center

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International Conference Center, Osceola, Iowa
“Unstoppable Waves of Healing” is an opportunity to strengthen your aura of shining love, benevolence and true concern for yourself, your love ones and your community.

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Materials Distributor Discount

Order books online in quantities of 10 and receive a materials distributor discount of 40%. Everyone loves to read a book that will give them insights into themselves and their purpose.

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June 2017 - Juggernaut

It is said that, building myself spiritually is building my real estate in the universe. My feelings already know this to be true. My intellect must sometimes catch up.