International Conference Center, Osceola, Iowa

June 26th - July 20th

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Peace Community Church Week, June 26-30

Unstoppable Waves of Healing

Courses for PCC Week – Sponsored by Peace Community Church International

“Unstoppable Waves of Healing” is an opportunity to strengthen your aura of shining love, benevolence and true concern for yourself, your love ones and your community. You will understand and release religious concepts that create limitations in the soul. Through the many healing techniques presented during the week, you will be cleansed and anointed as the renewed spiritual “Real You!”

Throughout the ages people have sought to feel one with all things; to clarify self-loyalty, unity and see their personal responsibility as a healing light.  We are moving from the old age to a new era. Peace Community Church, a Seminary  for Wayshowers College, was created through the inspiration of its founder to help people expand their state of consciousness, be a vehicle for which to gain certifications such as Ordained Minister to further their personal healing and outreach in their communities. When we heal ourself, we become a healing force to our environments. It is all about maturity and committment. Spiritual growth is on-going, “unstoppable”. Deciding how you want to share your message can become reality through the training offered. Become part of the “Unstoppable Waves of Healing”.

We will begin each day at 6:30 in the morning with energizing techniques, meditation and more. The day will end with personal regrouping, team healing techniques and fellowship.

Monday – Thursday, June 26 – 29, 9 am to 12pm

Retreat Course 651A – Peace: My Inevitable Reality Price $96.00 – Prerequisites: 1001 Profile

Heal concepts of “heaven” and “reality”, and gain a new understanding for being a soul with a physical body. Have the opportunity to tune into the feelings of Vibrations such as, “evolution,” “natural,” “smooth,” etc.
Regroup some of your goals as a soul and evaluate with your inner guidance how you are progressing. Experience a unique technique to heal some of the concepts that are holding you back.
Explore some of your realities, theories (fairy tales and be able to relate them to your concepts of heaven. Experience expanding your communication with your Guidance and evaluate with them what could hold your progress.

Monday, June 26, 1 – 6pm

607: Teachings of the Apostle Paul Price: $73.00 – No prerequisites

Discover the wisdom you have within and feel the love you have to share. Find the key to personal fulfillment through inner sincerity. Learn about trust and doubt and how they affect your spiritual life. Learn to use directed energy to accomplish your life’s goals.


600: How to Present the Peace Community Orientation Lecture Price: $75 first time/$50 refresher – No prerequisites

Learn to successfully present the Peace Community Church Orientation Lecture. Tune into and feel the peaceful, loving and flowing vibration of Peace Community Church. Explore in depth each of your four churches and relate these feelings to your first four cycles. Stimulate understanding within yourself and others of the spiritual nature of man.

Tuesday, June 27, 1 – 6 pm

612: The Parables of Jesus Price: $73.00 – No prerequisites

Learn how concepts of the need to suffer to go to heaven can be changed with greater spiritual insight. Find new ways to expand your positive self-image and heal judgments. Find your own kingdom of heaven that is part of your spiritual growth.


600 A: How Present the ‘Circle of Love Fellowship’ Technique Workshop Price: $150 first time/$75 refresher. Prerequisites: Have experienced a Circle of Love Fellowship

Take an opportunity to have a new avenue to touch and inspire thousands of people seeking to experience their God within. Gain the training and the necessary tools to help those who want to expand their religious training and change from the programming of their first seven years. Refresh the techniques to be used in the 4 hour program “Circle of Love Fellowship.”

Wednesday, June 28, 1 – 6 pm

8770: Man and Woman – Roles for the New Age Price: $75 – No prerequisites

This course is about freedom to express the real you without limiting concepts of separate and distinct roles for men and women. Feel free to express the masculine part which is naturally assertive and has the drive to accomplish. Expand the relaxed, gentle vibration of your feminine part that is conducive to inspiration and creativity. Feel more relaxed and secure as you communicate in a balanced way with the opposite sex.


622: Ceremonies and Procedures of Peace Community Church Price: $73.00 – Prerequisites: Current as a PCCI affiliate 1.

Learn the purpose and goals of the peace community church. Experience a healing service and learn the reason for PCC fellowships. Role play anointings and marriage ceremonies. Learn the biblical reason for cleansing. Know yourself better and understand your relationship to the universe. Become secure in overseeing ceremonies and procedures of PCCI.

Thursday, June 29, 1 – 6 pm

8752: Universal Love in Personal Relationships Price: $75.00 – Prerequisites: 1003A and groupwork experience

Regroup a deeper understanding and feeling for positive, balanced, soul-to-soul relationships. Gain keys to developing an empowering personal relationship with yourself and others. Find answers for questions about improving the love in your relationships and be able to better establish and maintain clear boundaries. Tap into the deep inner joy and fulfillment of expressing universal love with yourself and others.


622 Part 2: Weddings, Commitment and Memorial Ceremonies Price: $73.00 Prerequisites: Course 622; Be a current Ordained Minister of PCCI

Gain deeper insight in to ministering the key ceremonies of people’s lives and relationships. Learn to how to work with unique cultural and religious preferences in the union and contracts of people. Find new tips for assisting families in the passing of a loved one.

Friday, June 30, 7 am

PCCI Affiliate Anointing Circle

Friday, June 30, 9 am – 5 pm

Spiritual Ten Commandments Program presented by Tiger Coll – Price $75 – Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1001 Orientation Profile. Recommended to have 5 elective PCC Courses and be an affiliate.

Living a Spiritual Life: Traditional vs Spiritual Ten Commandments

(From the Website) The distinction of the Old Ten Commandments and the New Spiritual Ten Commandments was introduced in 1997 in Puerto Rico by Dr. Francisco Coll, and during his tour in the U.S. continuing that year. Responses to the contrast between the Old and New commandments show their profound feeling impact on people.
The significance of the Spiritual Commandments contains a powerful message of freedom and inner direction. Spiritual Commandments are affirmative qualities or ways of being that are not proscriptive as in the Historical Ten Commandments. In other words, within the Spiritual Commandments, there is no “thou shall not” or “don’t” for the conscious or subconscious mind to rebel against.
“Free will” as a spiritual basis for growth in consciousness is acknowledged. Inherent in the Spiritual Ten Commandments is the recognition of the Creator in all (God within); they are aspirations toward loyalty and respect for self and others on planet earth. The Spiritual Commandments are timeless ideals that can be unfolded to a deeper extent throughout an individual’s lifetime(s).

Register for Meals and Lodging at least 2 weeks ahead and get 20% off on your lodging. Register for any course(s) 2 weeks ahead and get 10%.


New Spiritual Horizon/Inner Peace Movement Week, July 3-7

Unstoppable Waves of Inspiration in Action

Sponsored by Inner Peace Movement International

You can be that Unstoppable Wave of Inspiration in Action! You can move throughout society and work with your inspiration. This week will provide the refreshing, training of new tools and learning about teamwork in action. Sharpening your tools feels good. It puts the tall in “stand tall” and the confidence of your wisdom in your presentation and image.

Preping for what I need, appreciating myself for what I brought with me, and accepting where everyone is in their personal growth is a powerful place to be. Taking a deep look into what I need and insuring things don’t get in the way of my flow, but are dwelt with, is when the result is a pure flow of energy when I am organized and directed in my Service.


Monday, July 3, 9am-5pmHow to Present the Orientation Lecture, plus Thrust regrouping with Tiger. Price $75/first time; $50/refresher. No prerequisites.

A big picture of one’s personal relationship to themselves and the universe. Understand the presentation and flow through symbols so your presentation reflects the balance of facts and feelings to those attending.


Tuesday, July 4, 9am-5pm – How to Present the New Spiritual Horizons 2nd step: Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons (002)

Exploring Inner Dynamics (500A). $150/first time; $75/refresher. Prerequisites: To have experienced a 2nd step or EID workshop. (Will be certified in both)


Naturally help participants move into their next step of personal growth finding the excitement, direction, expansion and hope they seek. Through experiencing timeless techniques and individual sharings, participants will find solutions within their understanding of “loyalty to self”, cycles of life, and find a pivot point from which to start their growth in a relaxed environment of like-minded souls.



Wednesday, July 5, 6am startHow to Present the Submersion Workshops – Facet 1-4. Price normally $600; special at Summer Camp 50% off or $300. $25 for those auditing (all 4 parts).

In the New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshops – Facets 1 through IV, you dive deep into your personal growth and purpose through an intensified curriculum. These workshops are filled with energy and content to accelerate your growth and release old concepts or habits that no longer work for you. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced with New Spiritual Horizons Programs, this is an opportunity to reach into the depths of the real you in an accelerated format.


Thursday, July 6, 6am-6pm – 515T Energy Dynamics Workshop – $356/first time; $187/refresher. Prerequisites: 515 trained and cleared to take 1001 consultation training.

Provide a professional way for training others to discover the tremendous vitality and strength of their feeling part by experiencing practical tools for keeping their energy positive and consistently directed toward the acomplishment of their goals. Through this training participants will gain command of their situation by becoming compact and developing their spontaneous sensitivity by experiencing action-packed techniques. They will find an inner balance of thought and feeling while expanding their communication with guidance. Be sharp in presenting the Group Work opportunity.


Friday, July 7, 6am-6pmProfessional Spiritual Instructorship Methods (421) – $75/first time; $50/refresher. Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1001 and 1002A profiles.

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to be a successful, dynamic, abundant spiritual instructor. In this course you will gain a greater understanding of the uniqueness of the purposes behind the courses, the goals, the ideals and standards of spiritual instructorship. You will explore ways to have good attendance for all of the courses you will instruct. You will learn how to prepare yourself to present any course in the community and at a National Conference Center. You will discover how to present your course in a professional, compact, and organized manner. You will understand the procedures involved in course follow-up.


Saturday, July 8, 6am-6pmHow to Administer the Orientation Profile – $1300/first time; $500/refresher; $250/lifer. Prerequisites: Experienced their 1001 and 1002A, have taken 500 & 521. First timers are cleared by the President.

This special profile course gives you the opportunity to offer people a comprehensive look at their spiritual energy and the personal communication system of their four (4) spiritual gifts. As a channel for spiritual energy you will help them discover the order of their unique spiritual gifts. You will have the opportunity to explain Spiritual Guidance and instruct techniques to help people develop a clear two-way communication with their Guidance.


Saturday, July 8, 6am-6pmExploration Into the Gift of Trance Healing (727) – $108. Prerequisite: To have experienced the 1003A Profile.

Gain a deeper understanding on how to work successfully with energy. Expand your ability to be a channel for spirit in many forms of healing. Experience techniques in the “laying on of hands”, anointing with oil, healing through the third eye, magnetizing the aura, magnetizing the room, group astral healing, speaking with spirit and trance healing. Find ways to build a large buffer of energy around you. Experience what cleansing in-depth can do to your own energy. Obtain new tools to be of service to yourself and others.


Sunday, July 9, 6am-6pmHow to Administer the Blockage Discovery Profile – $1300/first time; $500/refresher; $250/lifer. Prerequisite: Certified in 1001 Profile.

This Spiritual Profile course gives you the opportunity to work with spirit to help people discover and identify patterns in their life which are holding them back from fulfillment and success. These patterns are usually the result of experiences they had early in life they did not understand at the time. Through this profile you can help people discover ways to live their lives more clearly based on their own true feelings rather than interpretations they were taught to accept.


Sunday and Monday, July 9 & 10, 9am-4pmYour Past, Present & Future Through Trance Communication (744). Prerequisite: To have experienced 1003A Profile.

Expand your ability to communicate with the world of spirit by learning to work through trance. Become a more effective channel for spirit to help yourself and others. Explore the connection between mesmerism, spiritualism, psychic research, and the healing work of spirit. Gain a bigger perspective of your life by developing your psychic abilities and make them practical in your daily life. Learn ways to be more compact and streamlined in your life’s work.

Register for Meals and Lodging at least 2 weeks ahead and get 20% off on your lodging. Register for any course(s) 2 weeks ahead and get 10% off (discount applied at checkout).

Astro Soul Week, July 10-14

Unstoppable Waves of My Lifetimes  

Sponsored by Wayshowers Community Fellowship

A cumulation of my experiences being consolidated for use in being my driving force of my waves of evolution. Experience the deep healing, inspired desire of being involved. Fully understand what you brought with you.

Be part of the feeling of what is coming. Become your Unstoppable Waves of Your Lifetimes.

Monday, July 10, 9am-5pmPractical Involvement with the World of Healing (726). Price $108. Prerequisite: To have experienced the 1003A Profile.

You will learn to release pressure both physically and spiritually so you can accomplish in a relaxed, enthusiastic atmosphere. You will experience techniques in “zone therapy” or foot massage to determine areas of tension in your body and relieve pain. You will discover the ways your state of consciousness affects your physical body. During the techniques you will sense the location of tension in your body and identify habit patterns which are restricting the flow of universal energy through your body.


Tuesday & Wednesday, July 11 & 12, 6am startsTrance Healing: A Deeper Communication (764A). Price: $384/first time; $181/refresher. Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1002B Profile, taken Astro Soul Group work courses or 700, 744 & 727. First times are cleared by the President.

Find a new key to understanding spiritual evolution & reincarnation. Communicate with souls that you have known in previous reincarnations and discover what your relationship was. Understand your tendencies as you work with trance healing to cleanse souls. Discover the importance of really knowing yourself & staying relaxed so your life vibration can be positive and directed. Feel more tolerance as you understand the impact of a confused vibration.


Thursday, July 13, 9am-5pmImmersion Into the World of Psychic Healing (726A). Price $108. To have experienced the 1001 Profile.

Simple, factual and to the point course to help the participants become more familiar with spiritual healing. Discern the difference between a sensationalist vibration and a vibration of concern for souls being healed and souls doing healings. Regroup some of the tendencies you have that result from anger or fear which create energy for confused souls and learn to heal these tendencies. Understand the fear of separation through experiencing the feeling of transition from the physical world to the spiritual and heal that fear. This course is a continuous healing experience of various fears that manifest themselves in different ways and a manifestation of true concern and true love.


Friday & Saturday, July 14 & 15, 6am startsExperiencing the Spiritual Mysticism of Trance Healing (764B). Price: $445/first time; $221/refresher. Prerequisite: Must have experienced course 764A.

Realize the role that your four spiritual gifts play in the trance healing experiences Understand the areas of guilt and worry and how they can affect your life. Learn how to bring your own life into balance so that you will not attract outside confusion. Study Freud’s theory of the mind as divided into the areas of the id, ego, and superego. Find ways you can get rid of your daily life of-depression, guilt and worry so you can live a spiritually balanced life in a cleansed environment.


Sunday, July 16, 9am-5pm – Reincarnation and Universal Energy (782). Price $116. Prerequisite: To have experienced the 1001 Profile.

Search through your memory bank to find out what tendencies you brought with you this lifetime. Find out more about your present values and goals as you look at the experiences that have shaped you as a soul. Make a “portfolio of the past,” getting key words from previous lifetime experiences that relate to your current evolution process. Look into your past to find out why you are what you are. Heal tendencies of many lifetimes on planet earth throughout the course.


Monday & Tuesday, July 17 & 18, 6am startsThe Occult World of Trance and Mediumship (764C). Price $441/first time; $230/refresher. Prerequisite: Must have experienced course 764B.

Experience the third level of the trance healing program and reach a deeper level of spiritual cleansing, healing and self-awareness. Experience special techniques to help you release habits and concepts that interfere with the work you came to do. Tap previous incarnations to realize more about your life direction and speed up your spiritual progress. Experience the vastness of the galaxy in relation to time and space in the astral. Understand how you can live an unlimited life experience in your lifetime here on earth.

Camp Wrap Up

Wednesday, July 19, 9am-5pmThe Dynamics of Inner Guidance and Your Spiritual Thrust (784). Price: $116. Prerequisite: To have experienced the 1002A Profile. Wrap up course.

This course is for journeymen and apprentices who want to streamline their life by expanding their spiritual thrust and live more dynamically each day. Realize the profound energy that is a part of your life thrust and learn to tap this universal force for spiritual success. Refine a deeper communication with your guidance which will help you to seek out the pathway that leads you further into your true-life direction. by working with your inner guidance on a more intensified level, you can sharpen your sensitivity and work more dynamically with your life thrust. Learn how to anticipate changes in your life by achieving a sense of purpose and honesty, tap a wellspring of energy that is available always and discover how to welcome change and growth as significant forces of energy in your life direction.


Thursday, July 20, 6am-6pmHow to Administer the Threads and Tendencies of Our Life Profile (2005). Price: $2000/first time; $500/refresher; $250/lifer. Prerequisites: A consultant in 1003A and 7004.

Help others tap the resources of their past experiences and embrace the feeling of “truly being ready to accept inner freedom”. Fully realizing from those experiences the ones that work for them now gives credibility to the importance of them. Pruning, letting go and clearing space to be able to utilize the resources from the past allows a smooth evolution. Understanding the past helps keep focus on the now so it is easy to build for the future. Experiencing the feeling of being organized, relaxed and attuned to one’s innate wisdom will allow for the greatest opportunity for unique insights from the past, present and launch better habits in the future.

Meals & Lodging:


Lodging: $25/night; $10/night tent. If staying off grounds $5/day grounds fee.

Meals $25/day. Purchasing separately: $7.50/Breakfast; $8.50/Lunch; $9.50/Dinner

Operation Action Opportunity
Sat & Sun, July 1 & 2, 9am-5pm (commencing at beginning of board meetings).

Special with courses, techniques and physical involvement with center projects. – $50 per day




Board Meetings

Peace Community Church International & Wayshowers Community Fellowship, July 1;

Inner Peace Movement International, July 2