SPEED UP the Evolution of Your Soul

By Experienceing it August 26th - October 8th

Dear Fellow Searcher,

Join us for an opportunity to experience four personal, powerful and transforming spiritual courses throughout the USA from mid-August to mid-October.

These courses have had a huge impact on searchers, just like you, when they first experienced them. The Evolution of the Soul series enables us to break free from the paradigms that enslave us.

During these 4 courses you will first understand about Loyalty and Responsibility and the role they play in your current circumstances. Then you begin the journey of discerning “what is me” and “what is not me”.

Often we get involved in behavior that is less than empowering, even when we don’t want to.  We don’t even know why, but it “takes over”. To understand why and how that happens, actually empowers us to choose. There is a very magical thing about choice. Being able to exercise our free will in our OWN best interests is very special (often we are simply acting out subconscious programs we don’t even know we have running in our minds).

Can you imagine not reacting in a pressure situation? Can you imagine what it would be like to simply be present and then act only if it furthers your objective; and be able to ignore the stuff that would normally hook you into a downward spiral with the other person? This series can change this scenario for you.

Keep in mind each course in this series becomes a prerequisite for the next course, and you may choose to stop at course two or join us in Las Vegas October 7 & 8 for the final two courses in the series.

The Evolution of the Soul Series

Course 738 D1 - D4
Course 1 in The Evolution of the Soul Series


“The Evolution of The Soul”

  1. With this course, you will gain an extended overview of the evolution of the soul; you will see how the echo of the soul is innately an echo of service.
  2. You will regroup how protection and possessiveness of what you have already put together separate you from this innate echo and how this relates to loyalty, free will and responsibility.
  3. Regroup how these concepts affect your ability to tune into the echo of spirit which is also an echo of service.
  4. Establish solutions for strengthening your loyalty, free will, and responsibility to be the echo you really are.
Course 2 in The Evolution of the Soul Series


“Evolution of Man: The Mazes and Free Will”

  1. The basic purpose of this course is to clarify the influence of the voices in the Maze on our personal-social.
  2. In this course we will clarify the language of the maze so we can start learning to bypass it and start listening more to the real echo of the Soul.
  3. For eons of time the process of evolution has produced a momentum of progress on planet earth.
Course 3 in The Evolution of the Soul Series


“Evolution of Society: The Great Emotional Stress”

  1. You will take a look at the system to utilize for doing what you came to do.
  2. It will clarify even more, your free will and you will anchor your responsibility to be your loyalty.
  3. With this clarification, you will find it easier to relax and start being the successful business person you can be.
  4. It will be easier to be consistent in by-passing your society’s mazes.
  5. It will be easier to live a renewed commitment to detach yourself from the maze in which you have been caught up in the past.
  6. Leaving the past in the past, you will be living more in the present, running your business more successfully now.
Course 4 in The Evolution of the Soul Series


“Evolution of Society: The Great Emotional Stress”

  1. “The World’s New Echo: Loyalty, Responsibility and Guidance.”
    1. You will delve into the following areas for continued clarification and strengthening of your free will, loyalty and responsibility.
      2. The difference between your profession in this lifetime and your avocations.
      3. A way to have healthy relationships.
      4. A way to measure your progress.
      5. The musts from your own echoes of loyalty and responsibility.
      6. This will enable you to heal certain areas within yourself that need healing.
      7. As you heal yourself, you heal your environment by being an example through your actions.
      8. As you pass the tools to others, the society in which you live will start being healed as people heal themselves.
      9. The spreading and momentum of this reborn echo from societies to societies will encompass the whole world. Planet earth will start being healed from within.

Prerequisites: 1002A Blockage Discovery Profile required, and recommended 1003A profile

Locations and Timing

New Jersey
Aug. 26th 9am-6pm & Aug. 27th 9am-5pm
738 D1 (1 Full course over two days – 15 hours)

Sept. 2nd 9am-6pm & Sept. 3rd 9am-5pm
738 D2 (1 Full course over two days – 15 hours)

Richmond, Virginia
Sept. 9th 8am-9pm & Sept. 10th 8am-4pm
738 D1 & D2 (2 Courses in 2 days – 9 hours per course)


At each of these locations the times will be:
6am – 9pm each day: 13 hrs per course

Osceola, Iowa
Sept. 16-17:  738 D1 & D2

Portland, Oregon
September 30 & October 1:  738 D1 & D2

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 5-8: 738 Full Series – Conference Center, 5500 Eastern Blvd


Registration & Cost

Register 2 weeks prior to event to receive discount pricing.

Register for ANY package with ONLY a $50 deposit 2 weeks prior to the event to lock in this package price. Balance of your package is due 7 days prior to the program.

Packages & Prices

  1. Only D1 $116
  2. 738 D1 to D4 $300 normally $464 –
  3. 738 D1 & D2 $200 normally $232
  4. 738 D3 & D4 $232 only available to those who took package 2

***Take D1 & D2 a second time in any location for only $100.